2-Week Ready Raise Repeat

2-Week Ready Raise Repeat is a membership where Raises.com prepares your fund or acquisition in as little as two weeks, then assists you in building relationships needed to compliantly close the transaction in a repeatable, scalable way.

Self-Serve Investment Banking is a market category and new way of doing business invented by Raises.com which is currently proliferating capital markets.

This is for you if:

1. You need:
  • To urgently want to set up a fund, or commence a larger acquisition
  • Help finishing the legals/financials/securities to prepare a fund and/or acquisition, then raise capital for it
2. Struggle with:
As a real estate syndicator or business buyer looking to create and raise for a private equity fund:
  • Investors not following through on one-off syndication commitments, so you scramble last minute to close gaps
  • Have to close slow acquisitions/syndications one-by-one, slowly and inefficiently
  • Stuck on syndicating minor real-estate (or M&A) deals, rather than controlling a larger transaction
  • Inflexible terms from one-off funders
  • Building slow and expensive compliance documents that investors do not fund
  • Intimidating and slow fund administration software and overly complex set up
  • No access to a pool of capital, so you have to go through painful underwriting, selling, raising one deal at a time
  • Focusing on getting the deal before getting the capital, instead of getting the capital before getting the deal
As a real estate investor looking to leverage the capital of others and syndicate:
  • No knowledge of legal/compliance/securities to ethically use the equity of others
  • Limited by self funding your own limited capital in deals rather than properly leveraging the capital of others to get access to larger deals
3. This is not for those who
  • Work on pre-revenue prototypes or no-asset deals
  • Have all the legals/financials/securities prepared
  • Are not principally in US, Canada, UK Australia or prominent commonwealth European areas

If Accepted, You Will

1. Join masterminds
  • Prior to joining Raises.com, many of our future members have never raised, more than $1m-$2m, nor do they have trusted institutional relationships on the debt or equity buy-side for eight-figure transactions. So, the same day that somebody joins Raises.com, we integrate members with Raises.com’s JV partners who are either investment banks or family offices, who can directly prepare and complete your raise.
  • The result: you have a network of eight-figure plus capital raisers with whom you can build lifetime relationships and raise your standards
2. Ready Your Raises
  • Prior to onboarding, many of our future members have may not have their information ready for an institutional capital raise ($10m+).
  • For instance, many haven’t done a Reg D in the US, or compliant exempt offering in Canada, Australia, or other prominent commonwealth nations.
  • Our consultants and chartered financial analysts can assist you in all the financial, compliance and legal paperwork to get members through to completion so that you have the compliant offering, you have a personal CFA, (Charter Financial Analysts), to assist you with the financials, and testing all assumptions therein if needed on a 1-on-1 basis.
  • The result: you have a clear pathway to having everything compliant and so you have as many routes to go as possible, even possibly going public with support along the way for your new pool of capital
3. Start Raising
  • Prior to onboarding, many of our future members have may not the contact information on investors with the same mandate, a team to delegate the capital raising to, and a system to predictably and quantifiable measure performance to get closed term sheets more systematically for an institutional capital raise and pool of capital ($1m-$100m).
  • Many CEO’s do not have the time to be able to go out and do consistent outreaches and measure all of the metrics and do all proper reporting, so Raises.com has consortiums of trained appointment setters that are trained to assist you in hitting the markets by contacting the tens of thousands of investors from the offices, private debt providers, and so on, on our proprietary portal, underneath your company through the compliant structure securities council have created.
  • The result: The capital raising process in your organization is systemized and delegated
4. Systematize, Delegate and Repeat
  • Delegate a team to reach out to investors, in or outside the Raises.com network
  • Leverage Raises.com’s online reputation into your capital raise for added traction.
  • The result: countless avenues to continue to generated conversations.
5. Get added to the numbers
Raises.com has assisted firms in creating fund and acquisition vehicles for hundreds of people and raising and closing an excess of $152m in under two years through direct, compliant channels. You will be added to the head count of raises closed. Raises.com offers licenses for a select group of people to access a membership for a year. We begin by mapping out a customized process for your raises from set up through to completion. If someone qualifies for a membership, it will include:
  • Raises.com branded creation of packages for all points in the transaction process (to convince sellers to be originated, to convince buy-side firms to take part)
  • Trained remote staff and teams to work under your company during your raise
  • Tens of thousands of compliant vetted investor contacts and data (equity or debt) updated weekly
  • Software to autonomously build relationships with investors
  • Resources, training and recorded conversations from mastermind members
  • Private mastermind communities of principals raising $1m to $100m and beyond
  • Capital raising-trained Chartered Financial analysts to finish your documents in as little two weeks
  • Warm relationships to FINRA registered broker dealers, council, private equity firms and family offices
The price for annual membership is currently in the upper 4-figure range for those that qualify. “I remember the very first time I saw your note and then I reached out and we talked a few times and trying to do some due diligence on Raises.com. I think back then you guys had a different name and you rebranded along the way. But overall, I think that, for my co-founder, my partner here at Arch Capital and myself, I think that Raises.com has become invaluable to what we’re doing, and I’m going to explain that. You know, if we need advice, we can reach out to you or to your team. We on several instances we’ve had your team underwrite some of our deals, which is very unique and have great feedback on a project we’re working on last minute. And then on other instances, including now we’ve been able to connect with many mastermind members and have several warm introductions. And when we say warm introductions, these are direct decision makers who can actually tell us, yes, we can help, and no, we cannot help, but we can provide a referral. Those referral actually how to give us even greater ideas and also provide other structures and a way of being more creative in our way in our raise for our funds that we did not think about prior. So overall, I think Raises.com Is truly a strategic partner, and we’re trying to take advantage of that every time we have a need or when we need to discuss different ways of structuring deals and raising capital and leveraging the back end solution you guys have as well to pull new investor profiles.” – Abdiel, Raises.com Member

How to Apply to Join:

If you are determined to set up a fund, or commence a larger acquisition, and you have worked on minor transactions (less than $1m) in the past, book a call below and a Raises.com team member will determine if this is a fit
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