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TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / December 7, 2021 / Raises.com Inc., (the “Company” or “Raises.com”) Partners With MicroAcquire to Help Global Entrepreneurs Raise Capital and Acquire Startups

The news is awash with partnership announcements and you might be wondering why you should listen to this one. Let’s start with the why: if you raise capital to acquire revenue-generating startups, your life just got a lot easier. The global M&A market could hit $6 trillion this year, and Raises.com and MicroAcquire have joined forces to help you cut off a slice of that pie.

If that hasn’t got you hooked, this might: Acquisitions used to involve running from one third party or service to another to raise capital, pass due diligence, and close the transaction. But now you simply connect with Natu Myers, founder of Raises.com, and his team handles everything – from raising capital to evaluating startups – within the MicroAcquire platform.

Raises.com is a boutique corporate advisory specialized in reducing the cost of raising acquisition capital. In other words, Raises.com helps you structure a cost-effective deal with its global investor network. Together with acquisition stewardship, Natu’s team could help you find your ideal cashflowing startup – the one you acquire and later exit in a life-changing deal.

How does it work? Natu’s team helps you prepare for and raise acquisition capital (over $10 million) while connecting you with opportunities from 1,000s of vetted startups on MicroAcquire. Raises.com joins a growing list of blue-chip M&A service providers on the MicroAcquire marketplace, including Ramp Ventures, Fork Equity, and Sage Point Capital.

“We’re excited to join MicroAcquire’s global ecosystem of partners,” Natu said. “Its charter and governance standards have been defined with thorough attention to a professional code of ethics and conduct that we seldom see. Together with its all-in-one M&A marketplace, MicroAcquire is an ideal partner to help us achieve our goal of helping clients democratize capital raising for acquisitions.”

It’s free to list and sell on MicroAcquire, and the platform offers in-market services such as data-driven valuations and an M&A advisor directory. In other words, it brings together the people, technology, and services that help more startups get acquired. Raises.com joins this expanding ecosystem and will help a new generation of entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Andrew Gazdecki, founder of MicroAcquire, said, “I’m delighted to welcome Natu and the Raises.com team to MicroAcquire. Capital is a pain point for many entrepreneurs, and so is navigating the M&A process to successfully close acquisitions. Together, we can remove these obstacles to help more startups get acquired.”

About MicroAcquire

MicroAcquire is the world’s most founder-friendly startup acquisition marketplace. It connects over 100,000 entrepreneurs across 1,000s of vetted listings, combining valuations, M&A advisory, and fundraising in a single, consolidated marketplace. Built by founders, for founders, MicroAcquire seeks to address the inefficiencies of the market to help more startups get acquired, empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs to succeed.

About Raises.com

Raises.com is a global boutique corporate advisory firm and inventor of the market category Self-Serve Investment Banking, which focuses on assisting its members in structuring and financing funds, roll-ups, and acquisitions. Ultimately, Raises.com empowers entrepreneurs to swiftly set up and raise over $10 million for their new funds, rolls-ups, or acquisitions, all while saving founders millions of dollars in the process.

This turn-key solution democratizes investment banking, helps companies get ‘institution-ready,’ ensures their capital-raising campaigns are quicker and more effective from all aspects ranging from compliance to cost-saving deal and capital-raising structures. All projects are assisted through globally compliant means with a rapidly expanding global presence with joint venture partnerships.

Raises.com as a corporate consultant works with a global network of investment bankers and plans to become an exempt market dealer in Canada.

(See our note of forward-looking statements and other terms at Raises.com/disclaimer.)


Name: Natu Myers
Company: Raises.com
Email: press@raises.com

SOURCE: Raises.com