Hi there. My name is Eddie. I’m a CEO of Ray Nexus which is a holder company for mergers and acquisitions. And we actually got recommended Raises.com by our CFO, Sebastian. Amva which is we, which she has also secured multiple deals through Raises.com. So this was the perfect opportunity for us to really establish ourselves and get some finances raised by our most recent deal, which was 18 million USD. It was a manufacturing company. Still is Raises.com really helped us out in regards to, we were competing with another company trying to acquire the same business, and with the proof of funds we were. Able to go into the due diligence stage and get the right information needed for us to secure the deal just in the nicotine really.

Thank you so much. Raises.com. We’ll be using Raises.com in future deals and future acquisitions ‘cuz honestly, the easiest and fastest way to raise finance and get proof funds. Letter sent through.

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