In addition to a few grand removed from accounting, we saved a member $15k-$20k off a legal bill in setting up a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) which will offer $100mUSD in securities to investors via a Regulation D filing over the next two years.

Of course $20k is nothing compared to the potential upside, but at least the downside many are timid about has been reduced to almost nil.

We have our consultants go through regulations, blue sky laws and exemptions for private placement memorandum and subscription agreement drafting.

After, we allow the legal take the rest and have them sign off and bare the burden legally because we just offer information.

With proper structure, some members manage to only pay even 10% this amount on legal on rolling amounts, but a multi-strategy REIT is more complex.

We have some plans to get legal on our weekly calls and there may be cases where legal is completely taken care of, but for those who need the best for finding out all efficient tax strategies, the point is to be practical vs paying $100k building a PPM that investors will not fund, relying on messaging people on Linkedin and getting 0 results.


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