Hello, my name is Richard and I’m doing this testimonial for Nat Myers, who is an awesome investment banker. Um, so far he’s actually helped me with raising a little bit more than $3 million for my real estate development debt fund. In addition to that, he’s also helped in, uh, this well with this m and a transaction, uh, uh, we’re currently doing.

He introduced me to this asset-based lender. Well, a couple. And, uh, one pulled through. Um, and this is a public transaction and we were able to raise 350 million from this one specific lender for the, um, transaction. And, uh, this transaction too was because of NA’s network as well. So I have to give props her that, you know, and none of this would be happening, uh, this quickly if it wasn’t for Natu.

He’s a hard worker and he always keeps you updated and he’s, you know, he’s an really efficient person. You know, you can really depend on him, so I advise you to reach out to him and work with him.