Stravisto Investments Secures $14 Million Commitment Letter with A Seamless and Predictable Financing Solution

Hey, this is Brian from Stravisto Investments. I just want to give a quick shout out and a thank you to Raises. com. They helped us get a letter of commitment for 14 million on our first business acquisition. Uh, for us, it’s super important to work with a partner that, uh, Not only can, you know, um, meet our needs, but also come through in a big way.

And Raises. com did just that. Um, you know, compared to traditional, you know, financing, uh, this is much easier and much simpler, uh, working with Raises. com. They have a wonderful system and the right strategies to help us predictably get the financing we need.


Founder Bao Tran Praises for Clear Instructions and Exciting Partnership in Real Estate and Acquisitions

Hello, my name is Bao Tran. I am a founder and CEO of a real estate company and also an acquisition firm that we buy small and medium business and we get to know race. com through a mentor. So excited about the relationship that we started together. I see they have very clear instruction, very clear information that’s enough for me to start working with them and I get to know them more and more.

This is the starting for a lot of new slopes in the future. Thank you so much.

Meeting some of your team in person too. Thank you, bye bye.


Chamara Idri Singh Expresses Gratitude to and Natu for Integral Role in Acquisitions and Funding Success

Hi, good afternoon. My name is Chamara Idri Singh. This is regarding to, um, uh, for a thank you for Raises. com and Natu help me helping me on the letter of commitment as well as helping me on the second acquisition. Um, in addition to that, uh, Natu and Raises. com helped me on multiple levels on raising the money as well as, um, helping on the different acquisitions.

Thank you very much. You have a great day.


Dove Capital’s Emmanuel Extols and Natu’s Guidance in Securing $10M Acquisition Fund”

Hi, this is Emmanuel from Dove Capital. I’d like to express my thanks to Natu and to the entire Raises. com team for the exceptional services. Their unwavering commitment and dedication from our first consultation has been instrumental in getting our acquisition fund set up off the ground and underway.

Raises. com is currently facilitating a letter of commitment of 10 million dollars for forced acquisition. Natu’s guidance has been invaluable. In stirring us through the complexities of capital raising, one of the most impressive aspects of raises. com is the extensive experience and vast network of financial backers and investors.

Now to hand this team leverages their connections and industry insights to secure necessary funding for acquisition ventures. Their proactive approach and personalized service is commendable. And I wholeheartedly recommend Races. com to anyone seeking capital raise services.’s Private Networking and Learning Event Inc., a prominent player in the capital raising consulting and technology sector, successfully conducted its inaugural in-person event at their office in Toronto, Ontario. This event was a convergence of interactive sessions, engaging roundtable discussions, and insightful presentations from financial experts, focusing on the dynamics of capital raising.

The program featured an address from Natu Myers, who delved into the importance of a strategic mindset in business and personal growth. The highlight of the event was the introduction of two new members who shared their experiences and feedback about launching a real estate fund and syndication. Their insights offered a real-world perspective on the challenges and opportunities in capital raising for new members

Additionally, the event marked the debut of a new platform upgrade in launching funds and syndications, “Streamlining Capital Raises.” This new platform is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of capital raising processes, promising to be a valuable tool for clients and partners. continues to provide a rich network for professionals, encompassing training events, discussion groups, webinars, and mentorship opportunities, all aimed at fostering growth and collaboration in the field of capital raising.

For further details about’s events and services, interested individuals can visit or reach out to them at Unveils New Era of Capital Raising Strategy at Inaugural Event in Toronto

The one-day event featured interactive sessions and help learning about capital raising.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / Inc. (, in the capital raising consulting and technology sector, held its inaugural In-person Event at the office in Toronto, Ontario. Inc.
The event included engaging roundtable discussions and presentations from financial experts, along with the debut of’s newest technology platform, Streamlining Capital Raises. The program was highlighted by a keynote address from Natu Myers, who discussed the importance of a strategic mindset in business and personal growth.

“The level of engagement and exchange of ideas at an event like this is truly inspiring,” said Saarim Asady, host of the mastermind. “This is integral to our mission at, providing a platform for collaborative and innovative discussions.” offers a network for professionals to connect, share insights, and learn. This includes training events, discussion groups, webinars, and mentorship opportunities.

Chris Mijares, Vice President of Marketing at, remarked, “Our goal is to provide our clients and partners with cutting-edge tools and technology. Introducing our new platform was a key moment, and we look forward to the positive impacts it will have.”

For more details about’s events and services, please visit or reach out to

Redefining Success in Oil and Real Estate:’s Magic Touch on Greg!



Industry: Oil Acquisition  and Real Estate

Before Working With After Greg went through a personal life transformation, he was inspired to dive deeper into the oil acquisition world. His mission is to share insights on how to properly buy businesses with others.

In his endeavors, however, there was a lack of predictability. Greg didn’t have insight into how his strategy was progressing, and upon further evaluation, he realized it wasn’t scalable.

He knew that the only thing keeping his success going was his ability to understand the market and make purchases. But that wasn’t enough to consistently find the right businesses to buy.

Working With Although Greg had a strong core strategy, we discovered quite quickly that his front-end methods were struggling. There was no predictability in his flow of new business acquisitions.


“How has your experience been with” – Natu, founder of

“I has been awesome. Great group of people!” – Greg

One area that we worked on with him was origination. Greg wasn’t effectively able to get into conversations with sellers because they saw him as more a capital raiser, then an serious business buyer, communicating with potential sellers or understanding their needs. We revamped his communication materials and rebuilt his acquisition funnel.

After setting accountability targets for his market analysis, Greg brought on a virtual assistant to help him with these internal tasks. He also sought guidance on better understanding the oil acquisition market and ensuring he was making informed decisions. When implementing testimonial references from previous sellers, Greg saw a huge rise in prospective businesses to acquire.

After Working With Greg built out a bigger team to support his acquisition strategies, collect feedback, and aid in outreach to potential sellers. Just 6 months after making these changes, Greg improved his consistency in finding and buying businesses in the oil acquisition world and real estate world.

Pictured above, Greg Meets with Joshua Gogo, PhD, an expert in oil acquisitions.

Greg is now more efficient, not wasting time on strategies that weren’t yielding results, and can focus on his primary goal in the industry.

Elevate Savings with Your Path to Smarter Spending!

Hi, I’m Timothy. I would like to take the time to thank RAISES and Natu and the team over at RAISES for the assistance thus far in raising funds for business acquisition and land development. I look forward to working with you guys on further projects. And once again, thanks RAISES.



Elevate Savings with Unlock Deals, Boost Finances Today!

“So I went to a Mastermind hosted by Saarim and, um, it was really great. I met one of my clients, Tanya. So, Tanya, how’s it going?”

“It’s great. How was the whole experience and everything?”

“It has been beneficial for my business; it’s flourishing because of what I’ve learned at I highly recommend it. It’s awesome. We still have a lot of work to do, but things are moving in the right direction. Let’s get that real estate company started, alright? Alright, good stuff.”

A Splashy Success: The Car Wash Acquisition That’s Making Waves on

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2023 / Inc. (“”) is thrilled to announce the recent acquisition by one of its distinguished members, Ade (“Ade”), of a highly profitable car wash establishment. The news of this remarkable transaction took the community by storm, inspiring many to pursue similar ventures.

Natu Myers, the esteemed founder of, was so captivated by the acquisition’s success that he personally took a trip to view the property.

Although Myers had an initial plan to attend a prestigious 7-figure mastermind event in Banff/Calgary, the allure of this achievement prompted him to take a detour.



“It’s not every day that you come across a success story as compelling as this one. I just had to see it for myself,” commented Myers, adding a hint of jest, “Plus, it was a perfect excuse to escape the thrills of scary whitewater rafting with 7-figure finance entrepreneurs.”


Upon his arrival, Myers was greeted by the dynamic duo, Ade (pictured far left) and Greg (2nd from the right), the visionaries behind this successful endeavor. Accompanying them was Joshua, a Ph.D. holder (far right) and a valued member of the team.

The team took Myers on an extensive tour of the car wash facility. As they navigated the premises, they delved deep into the intricate details of the business. They spoke passionately about their journey – from the initial negotiation stages, securing the deal, to the strategies they employed to optimize profitability.

“The dedication and expertise exhibited by Ade and Greg is truly commendable,” said Joshua Gogo, who keenly listened to every insight shared. “Their narrative is a testament to what’s achievable when one is armed with the right knowledge and is a part of a supportive community like”

This acquisition serves as a beacon of inspiration for many, showcasing the boundless possibilities that lie ahead for those who are equipped with the right tools, mindset, and community support.

For those interested in following in the footsteps of such successes or seeking further information on similar ventures, please reach out to for guidance and opportunities.


About stands at the forefront as a global boutique corporate advisory firm. Their unique model, termed Self-Serve Investment Banking, assists members in structuring, financing, and navigating through the intricate realms of funds, roll-ups, and acquisitions. is renowned for empowering real estate syndicators and business-buyers to secure substantial funds for their ventures, offering a turn-key solution that revolutionizes the realm of investment banking.

(For a comprehensive understanding of our forward-looking statements and terms, please refer to



Double Your Income with – Start Earning More Now!

I’d like to thank for taking the time to consider my application and helping me find investors for my first acquisition. This process is much easier and simpler than going to banks and other traditional finance methods. Thanks..


Unlock Your Financial Potential with – Empower Yourself Today!

Hi, I’m Andrej from Silver Bloom Holdings. I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for providing me a letter of commitment for 5 million to fund business acquisitions. I highly recommend Natu from and thank him for his professionalism and excellent service. Thank you again.


Unlock Your Potential with Elevate Your Success Today!


In the world of financing, is a bit of a game changer. With their support, I was able to quickly secure a letter of commitment so that I could continue pushing forward on an acquisition that I was currently working on. The team was extremely professional and very open in the actions that needed to happen, as well as providing me with the guidance necessary to ensure that I was able to close, that I would be able to close on the deal.

If you’re someone looking for a solid team, that’s able to help you advance your position and achieve your goals, definitely say to reach out to the team.



Unlock Limitless Savings: Discover for Exclusive Deals Today!

Hello, this is Dr. Kevin T. Jackson. Hi. The managing Director of Legacy Wealth International Group, and I’d just like to thank for all the help that they have given me with my capital raises. They’ve been phenomenal. Their response, their support, their communication, everything has just been phenomenal.

And I would recommend to anyone that is looking to raise capital for their business and entrepreneur endeavors. Thank you. Thank you to the team. Thank you, Terry.

Unlock Your Financial Potential with—Seize Opportunities Today!

Hi everyone. This is Alberto from ABC Consulting and I’m releasing this video for They are very go-go teams. High achiever professionals with a very active member, very supportive, and Actually, I recommend to everyone, his team, in order to raising funds and capital and as far as business acquisition and all the support, it is acquired because actually they’re very high achiever and high performance people.

So I would recommend this raise the, come to everyone who. His ambition is to raising capital and improve the businesses and his funding process.

Unlock Limitless Savings: Experience the Power of Today!

Hi, Natu. I just wanted to send a quick video to say thank you to for providing a 5 million commitment letter. It’s gonna allow us to move ahead with our growth strategy and meet up with business owners and identify potential acquisitions. Thanks again.



Unlock Financial Opportunities: Elevate Your Earnings with!

Hello, my name is Brandon Henry. I definitely appreciate Raises, they’ve made my life a lot easier and they definitely do what they say they’re gonna do. And so I definitely recommend people to go with Raises to not only to get capital raises, but also just guidance on your first acquisition.

So, I highly recommend them.


Hey, it’s Alvin from Asia Capital Partners and just wanna say thank you to to help us get a commitment letter of 5 million for our first acquisition. Compared to traditional ways of financing, using Raises so much simpler and so much quicker, they have all the tools and strategies to get the financing that we need in a very uncomplicated process, and therefore just makes the acquisition process so much easier.

So thank you, Raises.


Hi, my name is Scott McGirk with Blue Side Up Capital. I just wanted to say how great it’s been to work with They’ve been instrumental in providing my company with a commitment letter and capital to acquire businesses in the manufacturing industry.


Transform Your Earnings: Experience the Power of Today!


Hi, this is Hannah Dowdy with Sovereignty Enterprise. I just wanted to put in a quick word about the team it raises and the enormous value they bring to every interaction. Their, patience and professional demeanor is unmatched. They’re going to be honest with you.


Unlock Limitless Savings with – Your Money, Amplified!

Hello guys. My name is Gatano. I’m an investor and a business buyer. I’m making this video to show my appreciation to Ran a syndicate to acquire SMBs in Europe, and we rely on Raises to help help with us with funding on finances. Raises’ mission is to democratize investment banking. We focus on funding profitable deals for us and our partners.

So while runs the Capital Rising Operations, it’s safe to say we would not be here doing what we do if it wasn’t for and their help. That’s the reason why I’m doing this video show appreciation. So thanks a lot guys, and keep up to good work. Thank you.




$3,000,000 AI Acquisition – From Setback to Success


In 2022, Esteve Mede had a big goal: to acquire a company worth a stunning $40,000,000. Being a serious operator in the cybersecurity niche in Washington DC, Esteve was eager to make this move. However, he was aware that he needed help to navigate this complex process. So, he decided to engage, a platform known for its expertise in business acquisitions. taught Esteve about the ins and outs of the acquisition process, arming him with valuable knowledge. However, despite his preparation, the deal fell through. Although disappointed, Esteve wasn’t defeated. He took it as a chance to rethink his strategy, determined to find other opportunities.

Come February 2023, Esteve was back in the game. This time, he set his sights on a smaller but promising target: D2K Technologies, an artificial intelligence company valued at $3,000,000. Esteve, with his unwavering focus and commitment, managed to successfully acquire D2K Technologies. The company had high-profile clients, including NASA and the Canadian Navy, which added to its value.

Esteve’s success with this acquisition marked a turning point in his journey. Not only did it give him a significant win, but it also validated his strategy and the teachings from The victory reaffirmed his belief that with patience, focus, and the right guidance, big challenges could be overcome.

Inspired by his own success story and fueled by the knowledge he gained from, Esteve decided to take a step further. He planned to launch a business acquisition fund in partnership with This new venture would allow him to use his experience and lessons learned to help others navigate the complex world of business acquisitions, just like he did. His story stands as a testament to perseverance and the power of leveraging the right resources in the world of tech mergers and acquisitions.

CleanShot 2023-05-25 at 20.42.40 Beyond the Transaction, Into Success


“I’ve bought countless courses, masterminds, paid coaches, events, literally into the seven figures at this point, invested into myself and into my businesses, and I can honestly say that the team over at do an awesome job of not just handing you off and forgetting about you after you pay the money, after you swipe your card, they actually care about your success.” Hunter has acquired several businesses


CleanShot 2023-05-25 at 19.42.31

Unlock Limitless Savings: Elevate Your Lifestyle with!

Hello everyone. This is Silk Matt from Fusion Investment Firm. I want to give a huge thank you first to for helping us get a commitment letter of 5 million for our first acquisition. This is a very important step for us in the right direction. And gives financing opportunities to everyone.

And deal makers across the world. This is a very intuitive process and a very simple one comparing to traditional ways. Okay? And for me personally, I will guarantee to recommend all the way All the way guys. So if you are a deal maker, let’s do deals with races.



Unlock Your Full Potential with Elevate Your Earnings!

Hi, this is Lewis Novo Capital. I just wanna say thank you to for helping us get a commitment letter to get our deals funded. They’re an easy team to work with. The process really simple to walk through really helps when we going out to get the deals to have the commitment behind us that we have the funding to get close the deal.

So we’ll be happy to work with the team now. Looking forward to do more deals in the future.


Unlock Your First $100 Million Fund with’s Expertise!


Hey guys, big thank you to the for, uh, providing such an incredible service for capital raising. Uh, they have a wealth of information, knowledge base, and, uh, great contacts that can help you ultimately raise your first a hundred million dollar fund. So we’ve already, uh, I believe 10 x our investment well over that and, uh, going strong.

So I’m looking forward to working with you guys in the future and I hope you guys get a lot of business. And I’ll be supporting you all the way. So, uh, thanks a lot. Take care.


Transform Your Capital Raising with Natu Myers;

Hi, I’m Hasani Adi and I work in the finance space. This is a recommendation video for Natu Myers. I’m her services. When I first engaged in Natu, I was doing quite well, but I realized I was struggling with some key areas in regulatory finance space. So I engaged in Natu and he provided to me some insights, some packages to best understand capital raising and to become compliant in this space.

After working with him, we’re now building a a compliant platform, and he shared with me some key insights and ideas that investment banks use to raise capital and for capital structure. Overall, I’m very happy with Nat Service and I should be working with him Again, highly recommend. Thank you.


Innovative capital raising process for early-stage companies. Thanks!

I wanted to thank Natu and his I’m Ed Worthington from Asset Stewards llc. Natu and his team have developed an innovative process for organizations such as ours to raise capital for initial acquisitions. Natu and his team have been extremely responsive and dedicated to, to assisting early stage companies and making initial acquisitions.

I’m excited to continue working with him and appreciate the effort he and his team have put into their work. We’re excited to receive our letter of commitment and to proceed with our journey towards our first acquisition. Thank you.


Secure $5M Commitment Letter Fast with – Game Changer!

Hi, my name is Greg. I’m with South Capital and I’d just like to extend a huge thank you to not to and Uh, they helped us secure a commitment letter for 5 million for the first acquisition. And it was, uh, really fast. It was very easy. And what this allowed us to do was move very quickly, um, and gain the, the trust of sellers and brokers.

So thank you so much. Um, just total game changer.


Unlock Proactive Deals and Valuable Tips with Business Group

Hello, Sam from Satori Business in Australia. Just giving you a quick testimonial, uh, for Natu Myers and the business group that he has established. I joined that business group in the beginning of 2020 when I was introduced by a friend of mine who I’d done some capital raise work and corporate advisory for, uh, throughout the years of 2017 through to 2019 on some of his businesses.

And he put me in touch with that group knowing that that’s the space that I’m in. And I have to say I was blown away. Uh, from the caliber of people that are, um, that are members of that group, and also the standard of conversation and discussion that goes into it. Um, Natu’s been able to administer that, uh, collection of people to, and steer them in the direction of really proactive, uh, proactive information, proactive deals.

Uh, and genuine good quality discussion about those deals and also about the industry that we’re in. Um, I’ve been able to get tips and advice, which may in fact be the most valuable thing that I’ve received out of that. And in addition to that, I’ve had at least three deals receive interest and progress on, on that interest and, uh, and a new deal on a, an entirely new partnership that’s come.

Directly out of an introduction made through that group, uh, which looks like it will complete by the bit, uh, by the middle of this year. So, um, some great things on, on direct tangible business that’s resulted from being a part of that group, but also huge learnings, great experience. And I have to say it is actually.

The only group message board that I genuinely read every day because I know whatever comes outta that group will be useful information. You get a lot of guff in these investment groups, uh, across Telegram and Signal and WhatsApp, and there’s a lot of people that are pitching rubbish and not once have I seen anything that’s rubbish in this group.

Uh, and any time that there is something that, um, A little bit of a spook, or it doesn’t fit, it’s tightly monitored. Natu will jump in straight away and it’s an instantly removed, or that person’s removed, or, uh, just the posters removed. So everything that comes through that is absolute genuine quality.

Natu’s always quick to follow up, uh, even with the members of the group to see how projects have gone and partnerships have gone. And I think that’s just incredible. So I’m really grateful for being a part of it and, uh, it’s a, it’s a real blessing to be in connection with Natu and I think. Anybody who has has that opportunity, they should take it.



Transform Your Business: Raise Millions with Natu Myers’ Help

Hello, my name is Richard and I’m doing this testimonial for Nat Myers, who is an awesome investment banker. Um, so far he’s actually helped me with raising a little bit more than $3 million for my real estate development debt fund. In addition to that, he’s also helped in, uh, this well with this m and a transaction, uh, uh, we’re currently doing.

He introduced me to this asset-based lender. Well, a couple. And, uh, one pulled through. Um, and this is a public transaction and we were able to raise 350 million from this one specific lender for the, um, transaction. And, uh, this transaction too was because of NA’s network as well. So I have to give props her that, you know, and none of this would be happening, uh, this quickly if it wasn’t for Natu.

He’s a hard worker and he always keeps you updated and he’s, you know, he’s an really efficient person. You know, you can really depend on him, so I advise you to reach out to him and work with him.

Revolutionize Your Fundraising with – Simple and Compliant

Hi, this is Henry with Integrity Health Group. I wanna say a big shout out to natu and, uh, for helping us, uh, secure our first acquisition. Um, I mean, compared to traditional ways of raising money, I think this is a, a lot simpler, a lot more straightforward. It’s easier, it makes perfect sense. has all the tools and tricks, um, you know, to help you raise money in a manner that is predict. And that is compliant. Uh, we are well on our way to raising funds for the second and the third acquisition all through So I just wanna use this opportunity to say a big thank you Natu, and thank you

We enjoy working with you. Um, I honestly would say this is a way better way of raising money. Thank you again.


Unlock High Finance Success with – Sales Rep Review

Hey, this is just a quick video testimonial, uh, the sales rep testimonial for So, uh, my name’s Caleb. I’ve been a sales rep for raises for a little going, going on a year now, uh, this month. And it’s been a hell of a time. Just an honest review for raises. Uh, it is a great account, great commission structure, great comp, very high quality leads. If you’re looking for a great. First foray into like the world of high finance. This is the perfect place to get your feet wet. You know, learning the lingo, speaking the jargon, talking the talk, talking with people who are making six, seven, um, I don’t think eight figures yet, but we have some pretty high earners in there. Uh, feedback. As like a sales rep position. So raises is a place that is working to develop its internal culture, like across people and, and people capital and human capital. So mind you that if you’re coming in as a sales rep, you’re gonna be a bit of a lone wolf, and you better be prepared to kind of bring your own culture, manage your own mindset, and stay consistent and stay hungry at it yourself. It’s not really gonna, it’s not like super readily gonna be provided like by the company itself. However, the makeup for that is that you get incredible comms and all the other stuff that a lot of other offers are lacking. So there’s a little bit of a trade off to make there as far as the offer and like selling, uh, in the niche, uh, it’s a good mix between like B2B and b2b. B2C type sales. They’re a little bit more complex as you’re dealing with sophisticated buyers. Not so much like someone, it’s not a bis op opportunity or someone who’s starting a business for the first time, where you can be a little bit more, um, the, the, the impacts and their needs aren’t directly about them, but more about their business and their professional career, which makes a big difference. Now you’re selling them. But all in all, phenomenal place to learn, sharpen to strengthen your skills and really understand the world of high finance. So I highly recommend it to someone who loves the game of high finance mergers and acquisitions in real estate, and jump right in.


Unlock Your Business Potential with – Recommended by Brandon Henry

Hello, my name is Brandon Henry. Uh, I definitely appreciate raises, they’ve made my life a lot easier and they definitely do what they say they’re gonna do. And so I definitely recommend people to go with raises to not only, um, you know, to, to get capital raises, but also just guidance on your first acquisition.

So I, I highly recommend them.

Streamline Your Funding with A Personalized Advisory Firm

It’s Nick longo with NextGen Horizon, and I’d like to personally say thank you to advisory firm for all of their time and efforts in our first and hopefully our all of our subsequent acquisitions. They have guided us and structured the process in such a streamlined way that has increased predictability in obtaining our funding requirements.

So again, I’d like to say thank you very much.

Blue Side Up Capital Seals the Deal with Acquires Manufacturing Businesses with Ease!

Hi, my name is Scott McGirk with Blue Side Up Capital. I just wanted to say how great it’s been to work with

They’ve been instrumental in providing my company with a commitment letter and capital to acquire businesses in the manufacturing industry.

Experience Unmatched Value and Honesty with Team

Hi, this is Hannah Dowdy with Sovereignty Enterprise.

I just wanted to put in a quick word about the team it raises and the enormous value they bring to every interaction.

Their patience and professional demeanor is unmatched. They’re going to be honest with you.

Capital Raises – 10x ROI on the Cost of – Almas of UK-Based Great Ethos Holdings Ltd.


Please describe your company and your position there.

AI platform for optimization of HVAC in commercial real estate. Investor relations manager.

For what projects/services did your company hire

My collection of clients and companies look to raise anywhere from $1M to $100M in funding to facilitate their growth plans. Raises came in with the knowledge, contacts and standard operating procedures in order to help us facilitate that capital requirement and subsequent growth.

How did you select this firm and what were the deciding factors?

We selected the form based on word of mouth and ultimately after speaking with the director of we found them to be incredibly trustworthy and helpful in our pursuits.

Describe the project in detail and walk through their service package.

The package included several mastermind networks that contain high value contacts whom can help with the facilitation of deals, feedback and ultimate closure of deals. The main product is the self serve banking investment tool which allows for the sourcing of investors and well as the training that goes hand in hand with the tools you receive. This allows you to make the best decisions, tactics and strategy for raising your first and subsequent rounds.

How many resources from the vendor’s team worked with you, and what were their positions?

CEO Multiple associates and deal makers. Lawyers and investment bankers

Can you share any outcomes from the engagement that demonstrate progress or success?

I have more than 10 times my investments and have no intention of stopping soon.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

I would say very effective. They are very responsive and eager to help.

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

The desire to help and the network.

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

They are always developing their offerings and beyond so as long as they keep doing that they’ll be great!

Screenshot on 2022-09-10 at 07-42-43.png

Capital Raises – Elite Acquisition LLC builds trust with financiers

Elite Acquisition LLC. is a new mergers and acquisitions company that was created thanks to the efforts of and close associates. Robin Ng, the founder, originates and structures opportunity for buy-side private equity firms. They just launched an needed help building trust in the market from debt providers.

Robin Ng, CEO, approached and engaged We assisted them in getting backed by funders, improved their messaging so lenders would trust him to be able to originate best in class assets.

Capital Raises – $50m Hotel Fund Created, Investor Million Dollar Commitments

Tempest22. is a newly (at the time of the posting of this press release) formed Hotel acquisition company that originates best-in-class hotels for investors. They had a great solutions but desired more scalable methods for raising capital for larger deals to make the jump from one-off syndications, to structuring their first private equity fund.

William (Danny) Frye, CEO, approached and engaged We simplified their equity sales process, introduced to investment bankers who close $1b quarterly, structured their inaugural $50m private equity fund’s fundamentals, saved on legal, set up investor outreach strategies and placed a key equity sales appointment-setter position. The result is their hotel deals continue to get closed while on the platform, raising capital for their fund.


Now Tempest 22, LLC is on pace to do more than $50M in acquisitions in 2022. Tempest22, LLC currently has $3M in AUM with another $9M under contract at the time of this press release.

“Well, I mean, just the I guess just to address some of your new members, I don’t know what their backgrounds are. I would love for them to introduce themselves. My name is Danny Frye and I own Tempest 22. Private equity fund or a private equity firm that focuses on hotel acquisitions. This has been a great platform. This has been. One of the best decisions I’ve made for probably the best decision I’ve made for my business in three years. So just to let everybody know how phenomenal this platform is. Don’t hesitate. Just get out there. Lay it out. Natu is absolutely incredible and will work through any of your if any, any of the challenges that you’re stuck somewhere or anything like that. But this is absolutely an incredible platform.”

Chris Makes New Acquisition to Close $5m

Chris Mccoy of Mobile Funnels LLC managed to make the transition from his corporate job to being able to compliantly raise $5m for an off-market acquisition to manage the cash flow positive business.


We Flew To Meet A Member Who Closed Millions on the Platform

We Flew To Meet A Member Who Closed Millions on the Platform

Here’s what we cover:

  • Ade’s Story
  • How he closed millions of dollars
  • His experience with
  • How he can be reached

Want to get notified when we release new videos? Go to to be notified.


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Speaker1: [00:00:00] And listen, you know, again, congratulations and all that you were able to accomplish. I saw that it wasn’t something that was a walk in the park. It wasn’t easy. And but but listen, you did it. Congratulations. And hey, if if anyone wants to reach out to you for investor inquiries or something similar, where should they go? Yeah. We managed to fly down and just take a look at what you have going on here. And you just wanted to take the time to just walk through exactly what really is your story. And so I guess that’s going to lead book the first question. Everyone has a story. So what’s your story?

Speaker2: [00:00:43] Oof, I don’t know exactly how to answer that, but in terms of finance and investing, I just love realize it. I love defensible industries, right? Things that as human beings we can do it all. Talk about shelter, you talk about power, you talk about health care. We can look at COVID.

Speaker3: [00:01:05] We all stay at home.

Speaker2: [00:01:06] Yeah, but we survived because we got shelter. Good stuff. Because we got health care. We survived because we got power. So those industries I love those. I’ve been in those industries for the past 12 years plus now, you know. So I’ve been doing that before I moved to Canada in 2018. Since then, I’m just focusing on building my platform, my brand.

Speaker1: [00:01:30] Got it. Yeah. Yeah. And so with building and with these almost blue blue chip type of stable investments and stable, stable type of assets, why, why are you so interested in them and why is it something that you like? Is it the security or what is it?

Speaker3: [00:01:45] Well, you can say security, but at the same time, the focus is about capital preservation.

Speaker1: [00:01:51] Yeah.

Speaker2: [00:01:52] I don’t like shiny objects.

Speaker3: [00:01:54] Yeah, it’s about preservation.

Speaker2: [00:01:56] Of the capital and I can actually get.

Speaker3: [00:01:58] Sustainable returns. Yeah, that’s predictable. So if you look at real estate, for instance.

Speaker2: [00:02:03] Especially in a multifamily asset.

Speaker3: [00:02:05] That is predictable even with one year lease, but you can plan with that. If you look at power, for instance, if you have a power generating asset, you sign a.

Speaker2: [00:02:15] Ppa with that spark.

Speaker3: [00:02:17] Which is agreement. Yes.

Speaker2: [00:02:19] Maybe for instance, let’s say DC Hydro or Hydro One, that’s going to.

Speaker3: [00:02:23] Be for like three years, five years. And those kind of agreement is indexed against inflation. So you can actually plan on the cash flow from that. The cash flow is not.

Speaker2: [00:02:35] As robust as what you find in some people in venture capital where they make 30% on all of that. But the thing with defensible industry is that it is predictable. You can plan with that cash flow. It’s not as high, but you can go to bed and sleep properly. You don’t have to worry so much about what’s going to happen to you. You know, it’s not stock market where you lose your money overnight.

Speaker1: [00:02:59] Yeah, it’s not it’s not up and down like a roller coaster.

Speaker2: [00:03:02] So volatility. So I try not to use volatility, but volatility is not there. You know, the the swings are not there. You can’t plan with that. It’s predictable. The cash flow is not as I mean, the returns are crazy, but you can plan those. So that’s why I love Loss Industries.

Speaker1: [00:03:20] Got it. And I remember, you know, going back to even 2019, but around 2020, 2021, something maybe a bit unpredictable happen. So you manage to actually come across what was raised as an outcome. So what were you up to specifically? Right before we were able to meet.

Speaker3: [00:03:37] You know.

Speaker2: [00:03:39] The industry looking for assets and I’ve been talking to, I mean, some veterans in the industry, but I was looking for.

Speaker3: [00:03:50] A platform.

Speaker2: [00:03:51] Or individuals that I can bounce my ideas off, you know, not just, you know, attempts when you’re working on a deal or working on something, you took close to it to realize that there might be mistake here on our times when you’re working with an advisor or you somebody close to you, apart from your team because your team are so engrossed in it, they’ve been looking at it. I mean, certain things. Yeah. So when I came across.

Speaker3: [00:04:17] Through a friend, I came across the platform.

Speaker2: [00:04:24] So and I connected with you guys and since then it’s been, it’s been awesome experience for me because every time we go on the call, every, every, every Monday on Wednesdays, I usually attend the Monday ones. And you guys have always been there to just support and give your feedback. What do you think is missing? What do you think we should do or we should not do? And I think that helped us to get to where we got to in the three weeks ago.

Speaker1: [00:04:54] Got it. Yeah. And about three weeks ago. What is it that happened three weeks ago.

Speaker2: [00:04:58] Where.

Speaker1: [00:04:59] You were.

Speaker2: [00:05:01] Able to close out 44, 44 units in Edmonton, multifamily asset in Edmonton. That was a rough was a rough experience, I’ll tell you that. We had, you know, ups and downs. There’s some disappointment around that. But we were able to close. I think that’s what really matters. I don’t want to go into the nitty gritty, but one thing I would advise anyone that. Trying to raise money, especially in the real estate space. And you don’t have your investors lined up already. Even if they are lined up, get some commitment from them. And what I’m saying, commitment and commitment that the money is in the bank, whether it’s 10% or 20%, let it be in the bank. If you’ve had some relationship or done some deals with them.

Speaker3: [00:05:46] Before.

Speaker2: [00:05:46] Yeah, you might not worry about that because you know that they’re going to come through. But somebody you’ve never done anything with before. Get some commitment, you know? So you didn’t know that by the time you come asking for the balance that if they don’t deploy it, they’re going to do the attempt to send to 20%. Yeah. And in most cases try to if you’re trying to raise 1 million target to raise 1.5 or 1.8 million. So we have two or three investors drop out, as at least you say, able to cover the amount you’re trying to raise. Yeah, which was the problem we ran into. You know, we had two investors just for a large amount of money, which I don’t want to start talking about right now. And we had a huge hole to fill within a very short period of time. But now we’re able to close on the 17th of March.

Speaker1: [00:06:39] And you’re able to do it a bit unpredictably, but you did it.

Speaker3: [00:06:42] So, yeah, it seemed.

Speaker2: [00:06:44] Unachievable what we did.

Speaker1: [00:06:46] Congratulations. Thank you. Okay, so now now that this deal is done, what’s next? After you got the first one done, what’s next for you here?

Speaker2: [00:06:57] I think the immediate next step for us is repositioning the property. We are now rushing to the next big deal. First, we want to get the property to what we promised our investors first.

Speaker1: [00:07:11] Yeah.

Speaker2: [00:07:11] So that might take two months, 2 to 3 months to get that point. But at the same time, we have deals being thrown at us, especially because of the news that we just closed this one. So we have deals being tried out. So okay, we have this here, but we are taking our time. We are not rushing to get into any new deal right now. Maybe about three months, four months. We are actively in the market at that point. Right now we’re just focusing on repositioning this asset, you know, not just for the forced acquisition, but we’re looking at the natural position because of the market where this investment is and that’s in Edmonton.

Speaker1: [00:07:49] Got it. Yeah. And that has it which we we see this asset all over some of the press releases. So you know, when it came to down it, back when it came to, you know, you making this step, what was it that made you overcome any hesitation to join raises outcome.

Speaker3: [00:08:09] I once I observe once I, I mean I got to know about you guys first. I mean.

Speaker2: [00:08:19] I would the way I spoke about you, I’m not saying this for the camera but said you just have to talk to this guy. You have to talk to this asset.

Speaker3: [00:08:28] We didn’t know you’ve not spoken to him. You need to talk to this guy. This guy’s good. So I thought, okay, that was fine. So. And the rapport.

Speaker2: [00:08:36] The conversation, we had one on one. And I like the rapport, I love the chemistry. I think I need to get in better with these guys. I need to know what you’re doing. I want to be part of what you guys are doing. And I’ve not regretted signing up.

Speaker1: [00:08:48] Got it. And for those, you know, in many different, you know, maybe some people have already closed their deals. Maybe they have. It’s for somebody who sees raises that come and they may have some hesitation. What would you say to them if they were to take that next step?

Speaker3: [00:09:02] Was was keeping was the hesitation about this just jumping the you have to think I had something and as somebody said, the return on awesome. You know you just in the market bind you and binding you and why not get because resource companies don’t.

Speaker2: [00:09:21] Just about people that are just starting out you’ve got veterans that are part of the business dot com so they give the advice to tell you this what they’ve done and this how they’ve been successful at it. So there’s nothing you have.

Speaker3: [00:09:35] Nothing to lose but. You don’t have anything to lose. That’s what I’m saying. You have everything to gain by being part of this dot com. Because for me, I’ve seen it and I’ll testify and I’ll tell anybody if you want to get a.

Speaker2: [00:09:48] Deal, cause you’re.

Speaker3: [00:09:50] Looking and.

Speaker2: [00:09:52] Cheaply, you know, you want to get your deal closed cheaply. You can just go to Reddit dot com. There are so many things that the investment bankers will charge you that if you go to red dot com you might get it for free or aren’t talking good.

Speaker1: [00:10:09] Got it. And listen, you know, again, congratulations and all that you were able to accomplish. I saw that it wasn’t something that was a walk in the park. It wasn’t easy. And but but listen, you did it. Congratulations. And hey, if if anyone wants to reach out to you for investor inquiries or something similar. Where should they go?

Speaker3: [00:10:29] I’m very active on LinkedIn.

Speaker2: [00:10:32] You can go to our website. It should be active by next week. We have to take it down for certain reasons, but we’re active in next week. But I’m very active on LinkedIn. You can just check out Ascend Capital on LinkedIn or check out my own profile, LinkedIn as well. I do allow let me just type it out. You find it. I guess you can just Google my name. Perfect it just go my name. I’m sure I’m going to focus on my other.

Speaker1: [00:10:58] Yeah. And even, you know you’ve done it well. Congratulations again. Thank you. And we look forward. Hey, no worries. And we look forward to seeing you get some more done and yes, absolutely. Give these returns here.

Speaker2: [00:11:07] Yeah, absolutely. Thank you so much, Nathan.


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Speaker1: [00:00:04] Well, you did it. You did it. So now. Now you’re. Now you’re one of the members that actually you’re like, now you can talk to other people that come in and train them and say, Oh, this is how you do it. You know, this is how it’s done. This is how you do this.

Speaker2: [00:00:16] Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, I mean, thank you for thank you guys. I mean, you guys were very instrumental and the feedback and all that, it really helped.

Speaker1: [00:00:37] Hi, Ade.

Speaker2: [00:00:38] Hi. I couldn’t hear anything. I thought probably talking and I can’t hear anything.

Speaker1: [00:00:44] No, all is. Well, we just had Kenneth is just because we just posted the meeting a bit late, but no, we just had Kenneth in yourself. So we got a few new, new members, but they’re not always on the call, so it’s a bit empty.

Speaker2: [00:00:59] Oh, I see. Well, got a bit of good news.

Speaker1: [00:01:06] There we go. Let’s hear it.

Speaker2: [00:01:07] Please. We need to close. No need. You have the money to close the transaction? Yeah. Yeah. It was a horrible experience dealing with some people. Yeah. I don’t know what is internal problem or just pure bad faith on their part. You know, dealing with how to deal with a lender that’s on the day of funding, changing all the terms. So, you know, all the times that, you know, we have to fight them saying, no way, you know, about this deal for the past six weeks and you made some approvals you can come and they are you expected to fund to start changing the terms and all that. Oh, they made us they made us sweat it acting for all sort of stuff that we’re not even the KPIs in the commitment letter that we signed but enough we managed to close on officially on Thursday, unofficially on Thursday, on Friday officially closed and congrats.

Speaker1: [00:02:27] So you closed on last Friday.

Speaker2: [00:02:29] Yeah, just last Friday. Just four days ago. Three days ago. Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:02:37] Congrats, man. You drinking champagne or what?

Speaker2: [00:02:41] Champagne at this point, I’m just trying to recover for from the sleepless nights. Wow. The champagne yet. But I need to close for money to close.

Speaker1: [00:02:58] Congratulations.

Speaker2: [00:03:00] Thanks. So the real work starts now.

Speaker1: [00:03:06] Yeah. Yeah, because. Well, yeah. Now, you know, we have to avoid the lawsuits and give the people what they want. Right.

Speaker2: [00:03:15] Well, to sign up for. Yes. Time to execute.

Speaker1: [00:03:21] Well. And so this one was 40. So this one was 44 to 44.

Speaker2: [00:03:25] Yeah. That’s 44 units. It was. Yeah, we managed to close down.

Speaker1: [00:03:36] Well, hey. Just one thing. One thing. A lot of people, a lot of us, business people, we’re always like. We always work really, really hard. And then we try to get to the goal. So now that you hit the goal, even for just. I know you can’t we can’t celebrate too, too much.

Speaker2: [00:03:50] But, you know.

Speaker1: [00:03:51] Yeah, I just hope you just you just take time, because, like, I’ve been seeing you working on this for a while. I just hope you take time to. You know, just to enjoy the moment for a bit.

Speaker2: [00:04:03] Yeah. That’s what I keep saying. Yeah, I will. But I’m off to I’m off to get in there. Innovation starts next week. Okay. So this week is just planning and next week we get to it. Of course, we have a renovation work plan in place already, but just been on ground and getting things moving from this to these.

Speaker1: [00:04:27] And then so then this one is your first indication as of now, right? Yeah.

Speaker2: [00:04:31] Yeah, it is. In North America. It is.

Speaker1: [00:04:34] Congratulations again.

Speaker2: [00:04:38] Thank you.

Speaker1: [00:04:40] So when it comes so then when it comes to actually the value add, so then what do you need any help with all those numbers, like taking a look at all that or what?

Speaker2: [00:04:55] I don’t know. Maybe yes or maybe no. I don’t know. I could always share with you guys and see if there’s any feedback.

Speaker1: [00:05:03] Got it. And what do you say you’re based out of you’re based out of Vancouver, right?

Speaker2: [00:05:08] Yeah. And the deal is in Edmonton, so just about an hour, 50 minute flight. Okay.

Speaker1: [00:05:20] Maybe. Maybe we can meet there with some time. What do you think?

Speaker2: [00:05:23] Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I’ll find out when.

Speaker1: [00:05:27] I don’t even know what I should like. I don’t know what I should come to because I want to make it like a round trip. Because there are a bunch of people that I want to meet in the States and then go up. I don’t know whether it should be Edmonton or Vancouver, but matters in Vancouver, so maybe it makes sense to go to Vancouver.

Speaker2: [00:05:43] Yeah. To meet your team. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Definitely not to come to Vancouver.

Speaker1: [00:05:50] Yeah.

Speaker2: [00:05:52] I do. Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:05:56] Yeah. I’ll plan. I’ll plan a time like I have to travel after travel is me anyway. So I’ll make a time in May, but then I’ll come back to you. But yeah, the deal is closed. Let’s just celebrate for 2 seconds and nothing crazy. Just, you know, just to see.

Speaker2: [00:06:13] Me off.

Speaker1: [00:06:14] And get back on it. Yeah.

Speaker2: [00:06:15] Because to gain traction with this close target for me to end this year is. Actually it’s 200 units. So we have about 1.56 to go. So that is a target. Okay.

Speaker1: [00:06:38] So 100 and so. So, can you expand that again? Say that again. I’ll make sure I get it.

Speaker2: [00:06:42] So I’m saying the target before the end of this quote by the end of this year is to own the unit.

Speaker1: [00:06:46] Okay.

Speaker2: [00:06:49] So we have one and then 56 units to go. So in several months. So. Got it. That goes. There has to be a commitment and there has to be a commitment 10 to 20% if you are really interested. So you know that when there’s the call to pay up or you lose your money because I have people, that’s okay. So commitment, I’m going to do 500, I’m going to do 200, blah, blah, blah. When it was time to copy that call. Oh, none which some of them were not picking up calls, some of them made commitments for 500 or 400 only did 50%. So at some point I thought I already raised millions and that million went from 1000000 to 300000 because I could only get 300. So that’s how I had so many issues. The deal is we close the model, so that was kind of called the cut. People were not paying up, but if they had something at stake to lose, which is a normal thing. If you look at it in private equity, if you make if you make a commitment to something that you’re going to you’re going to deploy capital, you have to make 5% or 10%. And when it’s time for capital call, if you don’t do it within the set time, you probably you’re going to lose that money. Does that’s defeat private equity outside what I’ve seen that we’ve done that before. So that is not, it’s not something new. Yeah. Well because you’re trying to manage relationships, right? You’re trying not to put people under a lot of pressure and telling them they’re going to lose their money they don’t commit. It’s entirely up to see. Okay, is this guy really interested? Somebody that’s really interested.

Speaker2: [00:08:40] And I’m I if I’m put in for instance and put in under a new deal does think it. I’m going to make a commitment. I’m not going to lose my ten or 20 kids. So they’re going to make that commitment. And what I’m saying, the big boys I’m talking to, institutional investors, for instance, they make commitment, okay? They want to invest. They make a commitment to a deal, let’s say 500 million. And they put in, let’s say 50 million, a hundred million right at the point of Colbyco, which is why when you make that commitment to a deal or to a private equity, that difference, that you’re not giving that to general partner at that point in time, that you only give 10% or 20%, you invest it in some kind of illiquid assets that when it’s time for capital call, you can get that money and just deploy. Right. You’re not putting in something hard and something that’s going to take you about 30 minutes or something that might take you about six months, four months for you to to liquidate or to get money back. So you put it in some kind of liquid asset. Was this 30 days for you to get the money back? So you made a commitment of, let’s say, a hundred million. Then you put in 10 million. Right. That balance, you put in some kind of liquid asset that you know that when it’s time for capital, because at this point where you’re depositing or deploying that 10%, which is but 10 million, you know, there’s going to be a cop that called in two months. Only if there’s no if there’s no deal in two months, then you get your money back. Less expenses.

Speaker1: [00:10:33] So. So you’re saying so basically. A few things. So one is that the capital call thing happens in every type of equity. Like many equity games, like big deal, small deals, whatever.

Speaker2: [00:10:43] Yeah. In the private equity side set up, that is the setting in a proper private equity. That is the setting. You have to put a commitment down that, okay, you’re committed to this deal. But because our relationship management is not it’s not about it’s not in the law that you have to do it. But if you truly committed to the deal and you want to if you want to establish or sorry, what is your position in that deal? Yeah. You make a commitment. Okay. I’m I’m in this deal. So under a million, I put it 10 million in first. So when it’s time for capital call, you get to $90. Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:11:28] Because and then you’re also saying so then you’re also saying to that the people have to be it has to be slightly liquid. So it has to be like, for example, if they pull out of the capital call, they still feel a little bit of pain because they still have to wait a while for for them to get that money right, is what you’re saying?

Speaker2: [00:11:46] Yeah. Okay. For instance, just under a million commitment to a deal. Yeah. Now you make it. You make sort commitments of 10 million or some level of commitment of 10 million. You know, there’s going to be a couple that call in two months for the balance. So at this point in time, you have to deploy. If you don’t have the if you don’t have the 90 right now, you must make sure that you have the 90. In two months when I’m going to make the cut. And it’s going to be about probably going to have like ten days or 15 days for you to deploy. If you don’t, because I need to close at that point, if you don’t deploy at that point in time, the likelihood of you losing the ten to the 10%, 10 million, 8% is pretty high. You can ask this from any, but it has done private equity at a big level. This guy’s done because everything is at risk. That 10 million, if you don’t deploy your 90 million, they have to quickly go to the market last minute and see who’s going to take up that 90 million. So that cost itself, that’s the cost that 10 million is going to cover for your other four and in most cases, at 10 million.

Speaker2: [00:13:05] Part of that terminal’s already been maybe deposits for that deal. Like in real estate, for instance, you have to make a commitment. Right, deposits for the deal that you’re trying to close. Yeah. Yeah. So that part of that money is probably going to go towards that. So if you don’t bring in your own balance, then there’s a huge pressure on the sponsor or the GP to look so that you don’t lose the money, the deposit already. So you have to go to the market at the last minute and you’re trying to raise money at the last minute is going to cause you to turn. It’s just going to cost you so much money. So much money. I’ve seen that happen on this deal. It cost me so much because I had to get get money at the last minute. So to do that, the private equity guys put in the documentations. If you don’t do it at this point, you’re going to lose your money. And you read the agreement. You sign up. Once you sign that, yes. You acknowledge that if you don’t. Put in there minimum balance. You’re going to lose your money. Pillows lies on your side. Yeah. You know what, Lloyd? You need the money.

Speaker1: [00:14:21] You know what’s funny? What’s really funny is like. Because, like, I’m in a group of so I’m in a group of like, there are a bunch of these these millionaire small business owners that they do like online. They do it. They have different online businesses. And what’s funny is like, for example, they’ll have a service that costs like 10,000 bucks or whatever and they would ask if the person is serious, but then the money is not coming yet. They would say, Oh, you put down $500 and come back. Like a down payment almost. But they won’t give back the down payments. It reminds me of this. It’s the same principle because they won’t give it up.

Speaker2: [00:14:56] It’s non-refundable.

Speaker1: [00:14:58] Yeah.

Speaker2: [00:15:00] You don’t follow through on your commitment to the deal that you’re going to buy their business. Wasted their time for about two or three months. And you don’t close the transaction, you lose the money.

Speaker1: [00:15:09] Yeah, and it reminds me of this because it reminds me of have you ever heard of that book influenced by Cialdini? I don’t know if you heard of that book.

Speaker2: [00:15:20] No, I don’t think so.

Speaker1: [00:15:22] Yeah, like, it’s. It talks about an influence. Cialdini.

Speaker2: [00:15:31] Cialdini sounds familiar

Speaker1: [00:15:33] Yeah, because. Yeah, because you’re using. You’re using the commitments and consistencies. So this is commitment and consistency that you’re using, right? Because you’re trying to say that if somebody made a basically if somebody makes a small choice, if somebody makes like a small commitment, then the people would continue to behave consistent with that small commitment. So I give you just say, oh, just let me just put $1 in. Then they say, okay, let me put ten. Like it’s easier to ask for bigger favors if the person starts with a small favor.

Speaker2: [00:16:03] Absolutely. And you know that people don’t want everyone. It’s just $1. People don’t want to lose it, right? Yeah. They would do whatever it is that is required of them to make sure that they meet up so they don’t lose that as small as it is, they don’t want to lose it. So they set it in a very bad position that, okay, yeah, there’s nothing I can do, I’ll just let go. So on the basis of that and the GP understands the situation and does not anybody can do it, if you have a discussion with the GP and see, okay, next, any expenses that the GP has incurred, you can give them some. So instead of 10 million back, probably get 5 million back on the relationship. But ordinarily they are not supposed to get anything back because you made a commitment. You see, you sign that if you don’t deploy the minimum balance, which is 90%, which equates to 90 million, you are going to lose your soft commitment to this deal. And when it says soft commitment really is not just the word of mouth. Yeah, it has to be with cash. That you actually really committed to this deal. But we have we have tried to massage that because everybody is trying to build relationship and try to tell soft commitment by word of mouth or the strong commitment that is going to. It really should be with cash.

Speaker1: [00:17:29] Yeah. Because not just talk. Because talk, talk cash is the only thing that’s cash is the only thing that shows what people are really going to do. It’s behavior. But one more question I have for this is would you so going forward for like your next syndications.

Speaker2: [00:17:45] Would you.

Speaker1: [00:17:46] Put in it looks like it makes sense to have a to get more people that are commitment committed than even the amount you’re raising. No, because.

Speaker2: [00:17:55] Absolutely. Absolutely. That’s a big lesson, that part of what I mean, Kenneth and Abdul would tell you, yeah, they’ve done all that. So that’s yeah, definitely I’m going to probably raise one point. I mean 11.5 X or two X or what I need. That’s what I’m going to get out. So it’s I’d rather have people have it do oversubscribed than to be on the subscribe because people just didn’t follow through on their commitments. Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:18:26] Because you know, and then maybe maybe to make some provisions for like if you’re because like people always want something that is hot, right? So it’s like if the thing is more in demand, if it’s oversubscribed and then you created value out of nothing.

Speaker2: [00:18:40] Give a lot of nothing. So you can quickly go to the market for the next deal. And so sorry guys couldn’t get on this one, but this you have an alternative. This is a new deal that you can, you know, so instead of you’re trying to make a commitment of 200 or 500 people, you only we only able to get up to 300 K. So don’t worry, the next deal is just erotic, blah, blah, and you can still make them invest in your next deal. Yeah, sure. Okay. Put them as a priority when it comes to the next deal. And they like your products, they like you first. I think they did not like a product. Yeah. You first before your product.

Speaker1: [00:19:26] Yeah. Because you know and speaking of the investors, the last thing I wanted to say is like how about how about I don’t know if this will help, but how about a press release just saying, hey, listen, you know, at a you know, so-and-so has done so-and-so and he’s working on this because I mean, the thing has closed and the thing is like.

Speaker2: [00:19:45] Yes, we are going to do that. I just well, I think yeah, probably in April. I just want to get it to the point where I started, you know, I just don’t want to close the transaction and okay, that’s the next thing I want to start reading before making so much noise about it. Yeah, definitely going to do that because it’s absolutely the profile. So I really appreciate any press release from you guys.

Speaker1: [00:20:15] In the noise. No worries. Yeah, we’ll take care of that. We’ll take care of those things. We’ll try to get on. We’ll try to get an editor to do it. We can’t promise like an editor would do it, but it may see access wire on it, but it would just get it to get it to Business Insider or something like that. Or Bloomberg.

Speaker2: [00:20:31] Or. Yeah. It’s a big do.

Speaker1: [00:20:42] Well, you did it. You did it. So now now you’re now you’re one of the members that actually you’re like, now you can talk to other people that come in and train them and say, Oh, this is how you do it. You know, this is how it’s done. This is how you do this.

Speaker2: [00:20:55] Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, I mean, thank you for thank you guys. I mean, you guys were very instrumental, the feedback and all that. It really helped.

Speaker1: [00:21:09] No worries. Listen, we did we did what we could. But the next one, we were always looking for ways to do more. Though I want to be able to do more. I know. I think I think I think there may be something with the ad thing. I think that there’s something there because.

Speaker2: [00:21:24] You know.

Speaker1: [00:21:26] I don’t think it’s been used enough by a lot of people. So but let’s keep on trying to improve. I want to I want to just find a way to get more. So if we can get more context to you.

Speaker2: [00:21:38] Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:21:39] We just want to find more ways to do it. So use us as much as you want. You know, you have the support, but I’ll be going back and forth on that.

Speaker2: [00:21:46] Email, so. Okay. Yeah.

Speaker1: [00:21:52] But. Yeah, don’t work too hard. Yeah. Just relax a bit and then just enjoy the moment. Life can be short sometimes, so just enjoy the moment. Make your investors happy and make them happy. We work on continuing to make you happy. And then? And then. That’s all we have to do, right?

Speaker2: [00:22:06] Yeah. Thank you.

Speaker1: [00:22:09] No worries, but. Yeah, next step. Next steps. Let’s. So in April, we’ll whatever you want us to say, we’ll try to get you on whatever Forbes anything. We’ll try to get you out there, and then we’ll have a draft by like a week. We’ll work on that. And then yeah, in May, I’ll see if I can personally come over. I will see if I can do that. I think there’s a 99% chance I can, but I’ll just confirm it.

Speaker2: [00:22:32] Okay? Yeah, that’s fine. Thank you.

Speaker1: [00:22:37] Very cool. All right, sir. Talk soon. Let us know if you need anything as well. Don’t be a stranger, right?

Speaker2: [00:22:42] Absolutely. Absolutely.

Speaker1: [00:22:44] Awesome. All right. Talk soon Ade, cheers,

Speaker2: [00:22:48] All right. Bye.


$20m Fund Thesis Set Up In 20 Minutes

Marc Schutte came to a point in his business where he needed to master fund structuring and actually raising the capital efficiently. After investing in’s 2-Week Ready Raise Repeat, he completely shifted his philosophy in work and business. He was able to built up a simple, clear process for his capital raise business that would enable him to do the high level things to scale his business.


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Of course $20k is nothing compared to the potential upside, but at least the downside many are timid about has been reduced to almost nil.

We have our consultants go through regulations, blue sky laws and exemptions for private placement memorandum and subscription agreement drafting.

After, we allow the legal take the rest and have them sign off and bare the burden legally because we just offer information.

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We have some plans to get legal on our weekly calls and there may be cases where legal is completely taken care of, but for those who need the best for finding out all efficient tax strategies, the point is to be practical vs paying $100k building a PPM that investors will not fund, relying on messaging people on Linkedin and getting 0 results.


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Capital Raises – $100m of Introductions: Members Meet in Florida

Before Vas was experienced in getting the initial information together, and circling decent amounts of capital, but for him to hit larger transaction sizes, he needed an even better approach.

“Quite a few meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays, because I was putting some stuff in the contract. You know, to raise capital, you need a good deal, typically, unless you’re doing a blind fund or something. I actually ended up meeting with Abdiel in Orlando, and we were able to meet up. He has a lot of interesting programs, especially in the debt for real estate side. I also met his partner a few weeks before Abdiel was in Orlando, and I was able to meet with them both. That’s pretty cool. I think through the platform and your help, I was able to make two good connections that I believe will translate. I introduced Abdiel to my partner who has close to a thousand units of apartment projects here in Orlando. So maybe he will also benefit from this. I just wanted to mention this, you know, all these projects combined are probably close to $100 million in value. So, great work, Natu. Anyway, there you go.”

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Capital Raises - helps people with Capital Raises - Raising Capital for Equity Raises, Debt Raises & More.
Capital Raises – helps people with Capital Raises

Multifamily Syndicator Launches $100m Reg D Fund on the Platform

Multifamily Syndicator Launches $100m Reg D Fund on the Platform

Here’s what we cover:

  • In this video, we walk through how to close 7 transactions and set up a $100m Reg D and $75m Reg A, from somebody who has done it. The problem is many deduce how the process works without being first hand in the business, leading to confusion and things, well…not being done.
  • Through a quick interview you can watch on youtube at: We walk through Abdiel managed to close 7 transactions in his career and get feedback on his fund he’s launching  He explains:
  • The number 1 most important thing when providing returns to investors (if there is one)
  • The benefits/drawbacks to leveraging tax law vs targeting investors who want a quick exit
  • Advice for emerging fund managers and people who
  • His experience with
  • How he can be reached

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(Being Edited)

Speaker1: [00:00:00] Natu Myers here from, and today I’m with Abdiel Lewis from Arch Capital, and we’re going to take a quick, deep dive into his background and some of the types of transactions and the scope of what he’s working on. And then we’re going to learn about some of the ins and outs of the capital raising space from his perspective and things that he’s learned and things that he’s accumulated along the way. So, so, yeah, we’re up. We just had an interest in talking about talking about some people that you actually met who have connections with. But before we get started, can you just tell the folks here about your background and some of the things that you’ve worked on in and where you’re coming from?

Speaker2: [00:00:51] Yeah, absolutely. So a couple couple of couple of things that I’ve been involved with involve anything from start up with on the technology side as well as real estate. But over the last 10 years, I find myself diving into Wilson more and more and then involved in syndication, both as lead partner as well as general partner. What if your investors to date have done about seven deals, three as a partner and then the remaining fours on both sides, as well as a. General partners, including from those seven deals with, exited three of them. Record breaking. I mean, we we always like to be very conservative when we project returns, but these were projected around 16 to 18 percent and we exited all three deals between nineteen and twenty one point two percent IRR. So I think our investors are very pleased indeed. They’d like to come back and invest with us overall. So the reason I mentioned syndication as well is as we do more syndication, it’s always come down to equity and capital. Every deal that we do, we need to. We need to raise equity and and take those down with my partners. And it comes to us about a year and a half ago, two years ago, how do we create a fund and then be able to leverage the fund to diversify our portfolio, but also to provide better ally on equity and better term for our investors? And some of the benefits with having a fund is allow us to invest in multiple projects throughout the southeast south southwest of the U.S. and be able to partner with operators, experienced operators we have worked with personally over the last seven to 10 years.

Speaker1: [00:03:13] That’s fantastic, and I mean, it’s pretty it’s pretty vibrant and is obviously, I mean, you’re obviously getting results for the investors. You’re talking about 19 percent. So I guess along the way along your journey here, it’s what is the number one? Because what would I say, what is the number one? In terms of your background, the number one piece of advice that you would have for somebody who is looking to number one, find investors and to get results for them to the level that you’ve been able to achieve here.

Speaker2: [00:03:45] Well, that’s a very good question, so I don’t know if there is a one thing because, you know, it’s it’s like learning to ride a bike, right? Because you’re because you’re by the bike. Does it mean that you know how to ride the bike the very first day, right? So, so it’s a process. I think the first thing I would say is understand the sector that you’re getting into. If you’re getting into real estate and you want to do syndication or you want to raise capital, then start by learning and understanding what investors are looking for when they are looking to invest in a particular project, whether that’s construction or whether that’s development or mixed use, or whether that’s acquisition of multifamily for repositioning or light value add. So these are these are the things I would look at and then understanding the terms, you know, anything from average return. What does that mean if we were to return? What does that mean? Cumulative return? What does that also mean? And and then also look at the construct of the general partners. A lot of those deals, often the numbers do not lie. But if the trust or the relationship between the general partners and the legal partners is is not trusted or is not easy to work with and have a track record and credibility, then you know, yes, you may be able to make money. But ultimately you would not have a great experience. But I think for me, I look at. The team behind the project, of course, I look at the numbers I have to analyze the numbers, I have to look at the exit strategy, the business plan. But at the end of the day, the business plan does not execute, execute itself. It’s the people behind it. So that’s also a big part of my analysis and how we move when we look at projects.

Speaker1: [00:05:59] Got it makes sense, especially when you’re talking about value add, especially. So going from there and talking about now, so what are some current either projects or initiatives that you’re working on raising capital for right now?

Speaker2: [00:06:15] So right now, over the last six months, we’ve been heads down focusing on. Two funds, so we launch a high income growth fund last month that’s one hundred million dollar fund targeted yield is 18 percent. The asset type we’re targeting is commercial mixed use multifamily real estate and then that that that fund, particularly the $100 million fund focused really on. High growth, like I mentioned, and also tax advantaged growth where we we we are raising capital and then we are partnering with Experience Sponsor. We have invested with in the past six to eight 10 years and take an equity position, as well as a GP position or co-investment, basically for a shorter way of saying that. So we’ll invest alongside of them. I will be part of the management team and then. The second piece is that with COVID, what happened in the U.S. is that around the world, most smaller boutique or smaller asset managers or operators did not have enough reserve or did not have any sensitivity analysis into the underwriting. Should something like COVID happen or unexpected like this happen and be able to weather the economic downturn and the economic occupancy? I didn’t say the economy occupancy is actually different than physical occupancy. So and I’ll explain with economic occupancy is how how much you’re collecting and rent or cap or return based on who is actually paying for the asset or the lease. Physical occupancy deal with OK, well, I may be 90 percent or 98 99 percent occupied, but 10 percent of those tenants or lease lessees are not actually able to meet the obligations.

Speaker2: [00:08:37] So therefore you have a discrepancy. So doing so, we saw an opportunity. Therefore, we create a second fund which coming online January one twenty twenty two, and that’s an impact fund. And that’s that’s impactful. Fund focus on passive income and measurable tax saving target yield is 10 percent, and that’s what percent of the workforce housing, multifamily, single family rental real estate. And the idea is a lot of those. Uh, operators or inexperienced operators there alone are in this business, and the bank will be calling those loan and they are going to be forced to sell or liquidate to exit. And this is what we call it with equity that we we are raising, we’ll be able to go in and acquire those assets. The steep discount and then put new management in place, inject some capital to reposition and continue where they left off and exit. So what that does is now we’re talking about a triple factor, whereas only we’re buying at a low discount. And also now we’re about to inject capital to turn around the asset, and we’re going to be able to exit at a higher equity multiple. We’re talking to X multiple and up. So that seemed to be another area of opportunity that we see coming up in twenty twenty two. And we wanted to take advantage of that and allow both retail and institutional, both retail and accredited investors to participate in our fund to be able to. And this but also to take an interest into this sector or project that we’re involved in.

Speaker1: [00:10:49] No, fantastic. Yeah, because the first one seems to be more about just leveraging high growth and taking advantage of the tax opportunities, and then the second one is more the management there and then looking for arbitrage there, right?

Speaker2: [00:11:03] Correct.

Speaker1: [00:11:05] Well, awesome, awesome. Yeah, and just off line as well, we’re just talking about different conferences and opportunities that you were a part of. And I mean, you are a Member. and so how is the membership been to you and your team?

Speaker2: [00:11:22] Very good. Very good. I remember the very first time I saw your note and then I reached out and we talked a few times and trying to do some due diligence on I think back then you guys had a different name and you rebranded along the way. But overall, I think that, for my co-founder, my partner here at Arch Capital and myself, I think the has become invaluable to what we’re doing, and I’m going to explain that. You know, if we need advice, we can reach out to you or to your team. We on several instances we’ve had your team underwrite some of our deals, which is very unique and have great feedback on a project we’re working on last minute. And then on other instances, including now we’ve been able to connect with many mastermind members and have several warm introductions. And when we say warm introductions, these are direct decision makers who can actually tell us, yes, we can help, and no, we cannot help, but we can provide a referral. Those referral actually how to give us even greater ideas and also provide other structures and a way of being more creative in our way in our raise for for our funds that we did not think about prior. So overall, I think Is truly a strategic partner, and we’re trying to take advantage of that every time we have a need or when we need to discuss different ways of structuring deals and raising capital and leveraging the back end solution you guys have as well to pull new investor profiles.

Speaker1: [00:13:33] And it’s good, and when it comes to I’ll use the term you use taken advantage because there are a lot of people that are coming to raise the bomb. Some are extramural and they’re more advanced. Some are just fresh and they’re they’ve syndicated deals. And so seen all the things that you’ve seen and experienced up to now not just raises, but just in general. What how would you advise somebody to take advantage over both the knowledge that you’ve learned and also the resources that are available in the market to actually set up their fund and raise for their fund, especially when it comes to multifamily real estate?

Speaker2: [00:14:09] Yeah, and they’ve got a question. So. So I think in the process when you join, there is a step you follow get the basics where the documents are, who to reach out to if you have questions. And then my theory is participation into those weekly calls or biweekly calls Monday and Wednesday and be able to discuss and exchange ideas. And you know, it’s almost like the hot seat. So you provide your your plan and you get grilled live. But but everybody get to see it and then see areas that you can improve, but also understand. The other set of conversation that should happen, that the partners in your organization with partners on your team should be asking and often, you know, people from raising resources that come will all chime in or the mastermind will chime in. There is a great wealth and bristled knowledge and folks available to help. So I think that would be the first thing, you know, get the basics out, understand where things are, who to reach out. And then once you get past that, then it’s a matter of getting introduced to other folks. If someone is good with, you know, debt instrument and someone else is good with equity. Equity raise or or capital raise or mayors or legal aspect of the deal, then, you know, reach out and get quickly introduced to someone versus is trying to figure, figure it out yourself and spending days in agony.

Speaker2: [00:15:59] I think one phone call, one email, you’ll get an answer. So so you know, time is very time is very fleeting, but also time is essential. So we try to manage our time the best we can and any type of investment. We acquire partners and even through this mastermind. You know what? You lack experience. You’ll find someone who has the upside or someone who has the experience, then just partner with them and and take that deals start, start where you feel comfortable. But also, I would say, start big enough where institutional institutional capital start to notice you, because that’s very important. And once you start having this conversation and building relationship with your capital, you’re able to speak the language and understanding there the mandate, then you start taking like them, then you start looking at things differently, then you start getting calls. Hey, do you have deals? We work on these deals. Let’s put our partner on on on either raising the debt or raising the equity or maybe coming on board as an asset manager. So all of that is things that you know, that you learn over time and you get gain experience as you go. But I think if you want to do shortcut is having this one on one conversation outside of those biweekly calls with members of the mastermind and also be active, you know, ask questions. No question is stupid. Just ask questions and reach out.

Speaker1: [00:17:39] Yeah, no good points, good points, especially when it comes to asking questions, because I mean, the thing is like nobody knows everything and part of the reason why consultants bring people in who don’t know everything is because if they knew everything, then they will be able to raise billions. So, you know, that’s the point of even asking questions. So that’s good advice to be taken from the community. So now we know that we know a bit about your career deals that you’ve done, deals you’re working on now. And so what’s what’s next? So the next, let’s say, in the next six, 12, twenty four months, what are you looking to achieve and how does the future look like for you now?

Speaker2: [00:18:24] Well, that’s a very good question. So so we. We’re excited about what’s what’s the next 12 months look like? So right now, we’re at 10 percent committed on on our High Income Growth Fund with the $100 million fund that we’re raising capital for it. So by Q1 of next year, we were anticipating to hit one third of the raise for that first fund. But the impact fund, what transpired is that when we launched that when we saw floods, the Impact Investing Fund and we were at a family office club event in Dallas, we were we were. I think surprise is not the right word, but I think the interest we receive was equally as it was equally the same as the high income growth interest in that fund. And so we so far have already been engaged, even with some public official in Dallas for the Impact Fund. But we will have we partner with some sort of public private partnership where we’ll be assisting in providing equity. And then we’re also looking at a model where where the fund can actually leverage existing asset that could be either leased or or or change hands over to the fund and then be part of the impact investment program that we’re looking to do as a model.

Speaker2: [00:20:05] So these are these are these are new things that we were seeing and we’re excited about. And then we also see that because we design and the structure we have for the impact fund is somewhat different than the high income growth because the higher income growth is directly from equity investors only. But the applause for the Impact Fund allows both accredited and the equity investors, meaning that retail individuals can invest, can, can invest into the fund very easily. And now they have a piece of of the a part of something bigger than themselves, which is impacting different areas, but also at the same time do well while doing good. And I think that’s that’s what we’re excited about that and see where that goes in 2020 to essentially. Well, the MSA, the MSA, when I say when I say MSA term that we use in real estate, the the the MSA specific areas in submarkets, I think is going to benefit greatly from that, and we anticipate that one to probably take off at a faster, a faster pace than the high income growth in term of what we’re doing.

Speaker1: [00:21:44] Hmm. Awesome. That seems yeah, because that seems to be more of the. That seems to be more of the long term plan because when you when you align, when you get people doing well and doing good and you know, I don’t want to divulge into the details, but. You know, because the reggae versus the rugby, there are different things and it’s more like a mini IPO. There are different opportunities there as well, right?

Speaker2: [00:22:09] Yeah. Correct. Go ahead. So, so yeah, you know. You know, yeah, like you said, we don’t want to get too much into the technicality, but otherwise we spend the entire night in talking about. Yeah, which is fine. And I enjoy this kind of conversation. But but really, it is really like a mini IPO giving, giving folks and investors a different way of of impact impacting their their their neighborhood and so on. And it provide the same return, the same tax, even more tax advantaged. If you look at where and where we are investing and what we’re doing. But essentially, you know, if you’re doing well, do good, but at the same time, make some money.

Speaker1: [00:22:58] Yeah, why not? Why not? And like a lot of deals like this do, is it shareholders almost become? Like the Queen, I don’t want to see customers, but everything seems to be aligned in terms of mission, especially when it comes to these mini IPO type setup. Correct? Yeah. And so we’re could. So I mean, if somebody wants to inquire about these opportunities or they wanted to learn more about, I guess, the types of transactions that you’re working on, how can somebody get in touch with you?

Speaker2: [00:23:30] Absolutely. So they can. Anyone can reach us and call anytime to talk to us, or we’re very open and transparent about what we do, and we’ll be happy to sit down and tell you about what our fund mandates are. But more importantly, you as the investor or you as a potential partner, we want to understand what it for you. What’s your goal? What’s your vision and what do you want to come out of? Maybe a potential investment with us, so if anyone wanted to reach out to us, they can simply go to arch capital that ventures and go to contact, and then you’ll find our my email Eloise at Archer Capital that ventures or my partner’s information is also on there. Our team was also in there, but once you go to the website, it goes over what we do. It goes over our investment opportunities as well as. An ethic you that goes in details about why invest with us and our strategy, from our mission to our experience to unique markets we’re focusing on and as well as our process of vetting projects in order to. Preserve investments, capital and so on. So I think the website is the most effective way of reaching out to us and connect with this.

Speaker1: [00:25:11] Perfect. Perfect. And with that, Abdul, I really enjoyed the conversation. Yeah, and every time we chat, there is a lot of nuggets that I get from the conversation as well. And obviously, the other members really appreciates all the insight that you’re bringing into their deals as well. So it becomes like a a feedback loop that that really everyone, everyone is benefiting from everyone else. So again, I really appreciate it. And are there any last pieces of either advice or anything that you’d like to share to the community overall as we go?

Speaker2: [00:25:44] Yeah. Before I go. Definitely, I think, you know, appreciate your time. Thanks for bringing me on. And we would like feedback if you guys wanted to let us know what you think works on our website or what we’re working on. We are open to feedback like, like I said, 100 percent transparent, but also do not hesitate to reach out and a lot of folks reach out on the backend and online, and that’s fine. So I’m pretty much on all the medium available as far as this group communication. So. And if you don’t, if you don’t hear from me, I promise you guys that you’ll hear back from me within 24 hours. I always tell people that twenty four within 24 hours, you’ll hear from me. I’m either up in the air, but or are flying somewhere or about tune in somewhere, but definitely we’ll reach out and then start having a conversation and go from there.

Speaker1: [00:26:49] Awesome, awesome. So let’s do good and do well. So this is arts capital. This is fabulous. And we really enjoyed this one. Thank you so much.

Speaker2: [00:26:59] Likewise, thanks. Sure.


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TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / December 7, 2021 / Inc., (the “Company” or “”) Partners With MicroAcquire to Help Global Entrepreneurs Raise Capital and Acquire Startups

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How does it work? Natu’s team helps you prepare for and raise acquisition capital (over $10 million) while connecting you with opportunities from 1,000s of vetted startups on MicroAcquire. joins a growing list of blue-chip M&A service providers on the MicroAcquire marketplace, including Ramp Ventures, Fork Equity, and Sage Point Capital.

“We’re excited to join MicroAcquire’s global ecosystem of partners,” Natu said. “Its charter and governance standards have been defined with thorough attention to a professional code of ethics and conduct that we seldom see. Together with its all-in-one M&A marketplace, MicroAcquire is an ideal partner to help us achieve our goal of helping clients democratize capital raising for acquisitions.”

It’s free to list and sell on MicroAcquire, and the platform offers in-market services such as data-driven valuations and an M&A advisor directory. In other words, it brings together the people, technology, and services that help more startups get acquired. joins this expanding ecosystem and will help a new generation of entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Andrew Gazdecki, founder of MicroAcquire, said, “I’m delighted to welcome Natu and the team to MicroAcquire. Capital is a pain point for many entrepreneurs, and so is navigating the M&A process to successfully close acquisitions. Together, we can remove these obstacles to help more startups get acquired.”

About MicroAcquire

MicroAcquire is the world’s most founder-friendly startup acquisition marketplace. It connects over 100,000 entrepreneurs across 1,000s of vetted listings, combining valuations, M&A advisory, and fundraising in a single, consolidated marketplace. Built by founders, for founders, MicroAcquire seeks to address the inefficiencies of the market to help more startups get acquired, empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs to succeed.

About is a global boutique corporate advisory firm and inventor of the market category Self-Serve Investment Banking, which focuses on assisting its members in structuring and financing funds, roll-ups, and acquisitions. Ultimately, empowers entrepreneurs to swiftly set up and raise over $10 million for their new funds, rolls-ups, or acquisitions, all while saving founders millions of dollars in the process.

This turn-key solution democratizes investment banking, helps companies get ‘institution-ready,’ ensures their capital-raising campaigns are quicker and more effective from all aspects ranging from compliance to cost-saving deal and capital-raising structures. All projects are assisted through globally compliant means with a rapidly expanding global presence with joint venture partnerships. as a corporate consultant works with a global network of investment bankers and plans to become an exempt market dealer in Canada.

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Name: Natu Myers


Uberstate Sources Lead Offer for $32 million Series A Round During Membership


TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / November 25, 2021 / Inc. (“”) is pleased to announce Uberstate Inc. (Uberstate), a Toronto-based fintech business, has sourced a lead investor for a $32 million Series A financing round, in the form of a debt facility. In collaboration with’s Self-Serve Investment Banking Portal and Kevin Onyeka, the founder at Wise Digital Group Ltd., the business seeks to use this capital to scale its operations. Uberstate, the FINTRAC-registered Money Service Business is a liquidity provider for various use cases in digital currency on both proof of stake, and proof of work applications. Uberstate is registered with FINTRAC.

Uberstate, an early client of received the $32 million offer after the firm launched the Uberstate Card. The card, being a very easy bridge for the mass market to spend cryptocurrencies on daily expenses at the point of sale machines. Jess Davis, after 20 years of commercial real estate experience built Uberstate with the sights on pioneering more effective digital banking platforms.

“There is a massive demand for experienced sponsors who have a demonstrated track record in not only in high-finance but in architecting De-Fi products. Credit and leverage facilities from specialty finance companies as well as from alternative credit and private equity funds were also popular in the recent low-interest environment. Every one of our members is different and needs customized solutions as they continue to grow their strategies. Although most of our members are emerging fund managers and business buyers, Uberstate, an early member, managed to source a considerable facility during the recent frenzy with cryptocurrencies. Overall this will allow Uberstate to gain substantial market share and add prestige to other potential members in our network as consults a variety of parties across a variety of industries including specialty fund formation and acquisition finance,” says founder Natu Myers.

The actual offering and sale of such securities were completed through entities with appropriate registration in jurisdictions where required.

About is a global boutique corporate advisory firm and inventor of the market category Self-Serve Investment Banking, which is specifically focused on assisting its members in structuring and financing funds, roll-ups, and acquisitions. Ultimately, empowers entrepreneurs to swiftly set up and raise over $10 million for their new funds, rolls-ups, or acquisitions, all while saving founders millions of dollars in the process.

This turn-key solution democratizes investment banking, helps companies get ‘institution-ready,’ ensures their capital-raising campaigns are quicker and more effective from all aspects ranging from compliance to cost-saving deal structure and innovative capital raising structures. All projects are assisted through globally compliant means with a rapidly expanding global presence with joint venture partnerships. as a corporate consultant works with a global network of investment bankers and is planning to become an exempt market dealer in Canada.

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Confusion Removed From Capital Raise Strategy’s masterminds have been a big help for Jay Betterways’ company. Jay’s capital raise and acquisition has scaled up tremendously in the last 60 days. The investors and network he approached has helped a lot to propel his business to keep growing.


Investors Secured for Fund Acquiring Minor $2mARR Firm

The Third & Co Capital’s founder Jose Duplito started a new fund and his first target was a small firm doing up to $2m in annual revenues. We assisted him with the systems and resources to set up and find financial backing.

Emerging UK-based Fund Manager Gets Backing & Support

Sean McNamara, founder of UK-based 3121 Capital Ltd. (13716925) worked with our network of associates to give him the brand and backing to pursue acquisitions for his novel fund. and INHDC Announce Closing of Commercial Brokerage Firm

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / October 15, 2021 / (the “Company” or “”) is pleased to announce the closing of a non-brokered private placement for the acquisition of a commercial brokerage. client and close correspondent INHDC, LLC (International Native Humanitarian Development Limited Liability Company), purchased 100% equity stake from the commercial brokerage firm TFMS, INC.

Hence on closing, INHDC received complete access to TFMS, INC’s book of business and buy-side relationships for unique financing solutions in debt capital.

Response from TFMS, the veteran-owned firm, has been very positive with many suggestions being received and implemented to make the TFMS more efficient with its long-standing relationships with financial institutions. The balance of changes and additions is expected to be completed in the next quarter.

INHDC’s new access to capital market relationships has been offered to personnel to improve its product and service for its members.

These results have occurred without any marketing or advertising, but through’s Self-Serve Investment Banking system, and INHDC’s founder, Richard A. Reid’s origination team. The actual offering and sale of such securities were only be completed through the buyer and seller’s own legal counsel in the jurisdictions where required. Upon obtaining a broker dealer registration (or similar) in certain jurisdictions (including becoming an Exempt Market Dealer in Ontario, Canada if approved), will offer such services where allowed through such registrations.

About is a global boutique corporate advisory firm and creator of the market category Self-Serve Investment Banking, which is a self-sovereign method of helping people raise $10m+ for funds and acquisitions.

This turn-key solution democratizes investment banking, helps companies get ‘institution-ready,’ ensures their capital-raising campaigns are quicker and more effective from all aspects ranging from compliance to cost-saving deal structure and innovative capital raising structures. All projects are assisted through globally compliant means with a rapidly expanding global presence with joint venture partnerships. as a corporate consultant works with a global network of investment bankers and is planning to become an exempt market dealer in Canada.

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Acquisition Career Started with Financial Prep and Backing

Austin McGee of DACS Enterprises LLC used his resources free him up from initial market resistance and to focus on running his business post-acquisition. He is about to work on his next transaction.

Gamechanger: “Moved Quickly In Getting Trust of Sellers & Brokers”

Greg Mushen, founder at Sealth Capital LLC found it difficult to get the trust of investors, sellers of revenue generating companies, and brokers. Thanks to some preparation work, providing the necessary backing, he was able to break through and submit offers with sufficient financial backing to execute on transactions.

Terry Wilson Trained & Backed on Acquiring Deals

Terry Wilson, the founder of Yolo Financial LLC sought to acquire a firm of 1.3M in annual recurring EBITDA. He partnered with to get necessary backing and training to commence.

Raises.Com Expands Capital Offerings by Teaming with Listing Partners Ltd

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2021 / RAISES.COM is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Business Development Collaboration Agreement with Listing Partners Ltd. The strategic relationship makes capital raising more attractive and provides companies with a stronger path to going public.

Listing Partners Ltd. and have agreed to collaborate and leverage their respective experience in investment banking , raising capital and listing companies on recognized stock exchanges internationally. Raising capital for private companies is challenging and time-consuming for management. Experience tells us that it is easier to raise capital if a company has engaged in the capital markets to have their shares listed on a stock exchange.’s Self-Serve Investment Banking™, assists companies in transaction preparedness and transaction execution and can now offer its clients a going public solution by teaming with Listing Partners.

Listing Partners offers a cost effective turn key going public solution with the listing of their shares on public stock markets in order to provide clients better access to capital and liquidity for their shareholders.

‘We are very excited to be partnering with Listing Partners to assist one another in advising our collective clients,’ said founder Natu Myers. ‘We believe that Listing Partners is the definitive leader in providing proper advisory services for companies wanting to raise capital and go public through a variety of jurisdictions, and this is the highly diligent and compliance-oriented company that seeks to align with. We believe there are many opportunities to be gained for each of our Company’s from this formal relationship with most of these benefits accruing to our clients.’

Alvin Kersting, VP Listing Operations, Listing Partners, added ‘We are very impressed with the approach provides companies with the ability to raise capital through their Self-Serve Investment Banking™ platform. We view this approach to be innovative and industry leading that brings simplicity to companies working through the capital raising process. By adding the Listing Partners formula to the offering, combined we should be able to provide Clients with even better access to capital with our going public process and planned liquidity event. We are very excited about this teaming opportunity’.

About Listing Partners

Listing Partners is an international organization with a team of capital markets professionals and business-builders who have established an international record that continues to transition private companies to public markets on regulated stock exchanges with global recognition. Listing Partners differentiates themselves in their approach by being hands-on with the business owners they empower, and offering market-leading rates with post-transaction support.

Engaging with Listing Partners early in the process allows a company to plan and implement objectives more effectively and allows the management to focus on the business and to raise and maximize capital and growth.

Listing Partners service is designed to provide the necessary resources, know-how, and guidance to support the achievement of the company’s financial goals and to fuel the company’s strategic objectives.

About is a global boutique corporate advisory firm and inventor of Self-Serve Investment Banking™, which is a self-sovereign, turn-key system that helps companies raise capital effectively.

Our team is a market leader in offering lower middle market investment banking’s core components as a turn-key system.

This turn-key solution democratizes investment banking, helps companies get ‘institution-ready,’ ensures their capital-raising campaigns are quicker and more effective from all aspects ranging from compliance to cost-saving deal structure and innovative capital raising structures. All projects are assisted through globally compliant means with a rapidly expanding global presence with joint venture partnerships. as a corporate consultant works with a global network of investment bankers and is planning to become an exempt market dealer in Canada.

(see our note of forward-looking statements and other terms at

Turn-key Acquisition Fund Created and Prepared

Dylan Smallman from Nidra Investment got his turn-key acquisition fund created and prepared, with financial backing and letters of commitment and confidence to execute on deals for his career.


Ireland Firm Gets 9-Figure Soft Commitment from IB

Rolandas Borusevicius founder of Irish firm North Arrow Capital received soft commitments from an investment bank in the network to assist him in a series for capital raises for acquisition. He got the confidence he needed to negotiate with sellers of substantial properties and cashflowing assets.


Financial Backing for Emerging Fund Manager

Zorawar Sahdev, the founder Texas-based firm Captains Group LLC was new to the acquisition world and needed to secure trust for those selling their assists. He worked with to secure $5m for acquisition.

Healthcare Professional to Asset Manager

Ed Worthington, founder at Asset Stewards is health information technology professional who was looking to make acquisitions in the healthcare technology field. He has since recieved financial backing and consulting support to buy deals that delineates his criteria.

Cesar Gets Letter of Commitment, Debt Sourced, Deal In Hand

Before Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

Cesar Trevizo, based in Houston, Texas sought to assist in making an equity acquisition as he needed to convince non-bank investors of his backing.


After Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™ and associates helped Cesar to get a letter of commitment. With the combined momentum, Cesar secured capital in part for his acquisition. He continues to work with us and associates to close the target acquisition with the remaining capital.


1st-time UK Hospitality Buyer Gets Private Lender Interest

Before Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

Agnes Ephraim, based in UK sought to assist her in making his first private equity acquisition as she was aware of the opportunity of doing so.  Before approaching us, she was unaware of the mandates of the capital markets, and how to leverage OPM (other people’s money) for her to earn new assets.

After Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™ and associates helped Agnes to first source three companies in the health and hospitality sectors, including two care homes for the elderly and a children’s home in the U.K. totalling £3.6m, then set up a letter of commitment for £5,000,000 for her acquisition efforts. With that, she found non-bank senior debt providers for the companies under contract. 


Aussie First-Time Acquirer Gets $40m Under Contract

Before Using

Derrick Lee, based in Australia sought to assist him in making his first private equity acquisition and own his first several asset management vehicle, Goldman Capital. He sought us for help in finding lenders to close off the debt portion needed to speed up his capital raise and wanted some investment banking know-how to do it quickly.

After Using

We secured Derrick with a letter of commitment as well as senior debt providers for his $40m construction company under contract. With this, and our financial analysts, he was able to make a concise argument to non-bank lenders of the veracity of his ability to close the debt and acquire the deal.

Funding Letter for $250k – $1m EBIDTA

James Punzenberger, founder at Partners Neutron, a US based firm received a funding letter through our network to commence his first acquisition of a company doing $250k – $1m EBIDTA.

He hopes you have a simple and easy process with too! 🙂





Mastermind Member Gets His Start With End-To-End Capital Raise Solution

Before Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

Before Stan, digital marketing and lead generation expert was building his business and clientele. He was new to capital raising and did not understand the best operating procedures for working in capital markets.

After Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

After a quick 5 minute video, on the strategy, we helped Stan understand how to structure an institutional-grade dataroom (with our Turn-Key Dataroom™) and how to best approach investors in his sector. With regards to tactics, we gave him high-performance scripts to try in his investor sector We also added him in one of our masterminds, which he got business partners and leads for his UK-based company in the early stages. Stan, left our call in confidence to hit the market.

3 Deals to Fruition “This is the only group I look at everyday”

Before Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

Samuel was working on multiple public and privately-held capital raises. He was also assisting in corporate advisory work. He wanted to give some of his deals more “momentum”

After Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

We put Samuel together in our basic mastermind groups (note: this doesn’t even include our full system). Instantly he realized that rather than “joker brokers,” such as “BTC OTC mandates” and “PPE dealers” we maintained serious standards from that of top investment bankers and lenders. Even though it wasn’t our top mastermind one, he managed to put together three deals, with one in advanced due diligence set for completion. He also got some intel on deal structuring overall which he owes to our members and moderators. Good job Sam!




Richard Reid of Finds Investor for M&A Deal, Debt Fund, Commercial Brokerage

Before Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

Richard, a private equity analyst and a builder of several asset management vehicles needed to speed up his capital raise and wanted some investment banking know-how to do it quickly.

After Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

We put Richard together in some of my mastermind groups, used my proprietary high output/low input tools to get him in front of Canada and US’s top lenders and investors. He began to put together an M&A deal for which he needed to raise $350m. He secured the debt lender for the $350m, but it didn’t close, unfortunately. He did manage to raise an excess of $3m for a debt fund within a few weeks after from the same relationships. 

Croatian M&A Firm Launches, Gets Buy-side and Sell-Side Support

Before Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

Before Etjen was doing fine, but he needed many additional investor and deal connections to take the next step and become a leader in the M&A space and dominate the Croatia market

After Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

After connecting Etjen with hundreds of business buyers and sellers “Natu helped me to find investors as well as supported me in my M&A venture in a way I haven’t seen before. His positive mindset, willingness to share knowledge as well as professionalism, made him an invaluable asset from the start.” – Etjen Domijan

Hasani Gets 5-Year Capital Raising Strategy from a 40 Min Call

Before Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

Before Hasani was doing quite well, but there was a lot of information about how investment banks work that eluded his firm

After Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

After a quick 40min chat, we put Hasani on a path towards clarity on how to structure different deals, how people raise anywhere from $1m-$500m, and how the global regulatory landscape plays a role. He used our Turn-Key dataroom to raise in capital markets with renewed confidence.

Now, Hasani is confident with a new 1-5 year strategy to build services and deals that are on the cutting edge of strategy consulting and compliance especially in the tricky places of consulting companies that are undercapitalized by investors in different jurisdictions.

Singapore Venture Capitalist Gets New Floods of Investors For His Deals

Before Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

Lance is a principal investor who invests in projects through his funds and asset management vehicles. Lance also arranges deals to get funded and partakes in capital raising. Lance had some consistent deal flow for his venture capital companies and deals (esports and beyond). However, he wanted some more global reach to investors and deals to take his asset management companies to the next level.

After Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

I put Lance together in some of my mastermind groups and presented him with opportunities both on the buy-side and sell-side. Lance continues to build his group of companies. He makes new investor introductions happen, and grows his venture capital firm by having consistent sources of both investor intros and deal flow because of our private mastermind community.

Jorge Rangel Gets $100m Investment Bank Commitment To Speed Up Raise

Before Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

Jorge Rangel is a corporate lawyer working on M&A globally. Throughout his career, he worked for the federal government (Federal Judiciary Power) for almost 15 years.

In Mexico co-founded a firm (lawyers and accountants) that provides corporated services related with investments, financials, taxes, defense and legal strategies.

After Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

Jorge used the Aeropolis strategy and systems to get a $100m investment bank commitment letter, which was used as leverage. The $100m did not close, but he used it as leverage to get other sell-side deals under contract.


Indian Investor and Consultant Gets Access to Deal Flow Daily

Before Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

Daidipya Sharma is an Investor and Corporate development at the Singapore Chamber of Commerce is a corporate lawyer working on M&A globally. He is also a consultant who helps companies raise. He was seeking new connections to get more plugged into a high caliber deal-flow group.

After Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

Not everyone has to be actively raising to get value from our service. Just being in contact with people who send $100m+ deals rubs off and takes you to another level. Daidipya gained business intelligence to consult deals raising capital, as well as knowing how to allocate capital. Daidipya used the strategy and systems of companies in the network, which was used as leverage for his current consulting work.

Publicly Traded Investment Bank Goes from $1m to $70m Market Cap, Closes First Deals,

Before Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

Boutique Investment Bank (undisclosed) Needed to complete its first transactions to establish its authority in the industry of capital raising.

After Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™’s method

Thanks to the combined knowledge from the founder of Self-Serve Investment Bank™’s,  the firm quickly grow to over a $70m market capitalization in the span of a year of working with one of our teammembers.

“We are excited to have completed a closing between investors and an issuer and we have several more following closely behind,” the founders said.

“We have been working diligently building a large base of potential investors and we are starting to see more traction and interest from our potential investor clients.”

The firm’s market capitalization lept after the closing of the deal.




Boutique Investment Bank Gets Automated KYC/AML System Built

Before Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

(Undisclosed) a boutique investment bank based in Canada needed help building their compliance regime to properly handle AML and KYC for their clients. The firm also needed an automated way to process KYC and AML  They had not processed one client and needed a consulting strategy to start.


After Using Self-Serve Investment Bank™

After consulting Self-Serve Investment Bank™, the firm completed its first $20m in transactions using an automated, netted it’s fees and learned how to prepare for an audit for its security commission.