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The only way to get in touch with us for a call is to book a free consultation by clicking the buttons on our website or clicking here.

We have extremely strict parameters for our business acquisition criteria. We intend to buy one or two businesses per year and you can view our full criteria by clicking here.

Please use our free consultation link and select the “non-funding” related inquiry to be added to our shortlists.

Please email faq@aeropolis.capital for help.

You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in your business, and by your registration here you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance. Even though we will supply you with our accountants, engineers and framework from our content used to create investment banks that worked for many, we can’t promise or guarantee of results for you in particular as you’ll be responsible for determining how to use the information. Use proper council to determine how to make the most out of our resources in your unique circumstance and environment. 

Every deal and company is at a different stage, sector, location and mandate. For Self-Serve Investment Banking™, we teach you the systems used to create investment banks in months that you can use yourself and give you the tools for you to measure your own campaign in a predictable, systematic fashion so that you can build your own a timeline. You will have access to endless contact list that you can create on your own with our system and we will not solicit investors for Self-Serve Investment Banking™ clients. It’s up to you determine how you can do this yourself.

We provide you the information on what types of investors are most likely to invest based on your sector, industry, stage, and other parameters. We also provide you with our research engine, contact information, and data on how to use it.

We advise you on what to do and let you/the company do the connecting with our systems.

We consult the company on how to maximize response probability.

Yes, we will instruct you step by step on how to execute basic strategies (200 contacts daily), as well as advanced strategies (50,000 max daily potential). As well as how to delegate to a team full time.

Yes. We have investment analysts who have closed an excess of $1bn who will help you on your information. Self-Serve Investment Banking™ will provide you with an example of multiple dataroom from companies that raised millions and fillable templates.

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