Aeropolis Capital Corporation Enters Partnership with Hawaiian Family Office, Rigil Kent, LLC Featuring Natu Myers and James Ferguson


“Rigil Kent” is not a conventional, Commercial or Retail Lender – we are a “PRIVATE Wholesale Lender” who started out as a creative way to protect an Investor – hence, we acted as a “Safety Net” for their “Funding”. This evolved over time to where we then also offered other Lenders the ability to secure capital at wholesale rates, so they could expand their own Lending businesses. From there, we branched into a model that offered capital DIRECT to the Project or Business Owner, at attractive Interest Rates, comfortable Terms, and mitigated Risk. The advantage for the Borrower is that our Interest Rates are low, the Lending Multiple is high, and the Risk to the Borrower is mitigated because everything in the chain is insured. We also do not “pool” capital from a stable of “Investors” as most Lenders do, but instead, we only lend out our own Capital.


In providingPrivateLending servicessince 2005,we havedeveloped this program in a way that allows the Borrower the ability to move through all “compliance” requirements in a very efficient manner. Additionally, the process provides you with solid risk mitigation on your capital. These steps have been established after many years of perfecting our processes for you to get to the point of receiving funding expeditiously.

We have found that many clients believe that they have a “better way” of doing things.This always results in the deal becoming mired in unnecessary delays, with the potential outcome of being denied the loan, because the alternate methods do not meet the stringent requirements of our regulatory bodies and/or Insurers. The methods we offer to safeguard your money are in use because they work, they offer coverage of your Initial Capital, and adhere to our “Compliance” Process.

This is not to suggest that our Term Sheets or Loan Agreements cannot be modified to suit your specific project; they can; however, large-scale rewrites are discouraged. Edits to third party documents such as the “Bank Guarantees”, “Standby Letters of Credit” or “Insurance Documents” are entirely non-negotiable, as they are designed to meet the regulatory requirements of the Banking and Insurance industry. Similarly, because we are so tightly integrated into that same fabric, we must have our Procedures and Agreements structured in a manner that is congruent with those regulations. What seems like a “simple adjustment” on your part, can amount to a change that will cause our deal package to fail compliance, thus preventing your loan approval. Our processes and protocols are carefully designed to best protect your interests, while moving you successfully through

the system of checks and balances that keep you safe, and to allow us to do what we do best – guide you to successfully funding your project.


1. Proof of Funds – document showing initial funds are ready to deploy (As well, if the
funds are from a 3rd party investor):
a. Letter from investor pledging the 20% (if applicable).
b. Copy of Investor’s passport (if applicable – for anti-money- laundering
2. Project Business Plan.
3. Use of Funds / Drawdown Schedule.
4. Loan Application Form:
a. If the applicant is a corporation or LLC, a copy of the “Articles of
Incorporation” must be included)
b. If the applicant is a Corporation or LLC, a “BoardResolution” (stating that
the signatory has the authority to act on behalf of the corporation).

5. Initialled and signed “FAQ” document.
6. Initialled and signed “Rigil Kent Benchmark Agreement.”


The following are the steps required to complete a Rigil Kent loan:
1. Client provides POF (Proof of Funds) & a complete intake package.
2. Rigil Kent upon clearance from compliance issues a Term Sheet for the Rigil Kent loan in
3. Clients sings the Term Sheet and then Rigil Kent co-signs the term sheet
4. Compliance call is held with the client Fiduciary is assigned to the loan by the Insurance
company (Law Firm in US for North American Transactions, Law Firm in Europe for
European transactions, etc.)
5. Fiduciary prepares and executes with the client an escrow / Deposit agreement
6. Safekeeping house (Ferrari Group, Brinks, G4S or Malca-amit) issues SKR (Safe Keeping
Receipt) to the client guaranteeing their funds through the safekeeping process.
7. Funds are deposited in the Fiduciary escrow account OR into the client’s own bank account
created for the loan OR the united states Federal Reserve Bank.
8. Loan documents are started with Rigil Kent’s lawyers in consultation (particularly in
reference to the GSA’s) with the client’s lawyers
9. Loan starts approximately 60 days post the clients funds deposit (Once the funds have
cleared) in the Fiduciaries lawyers escrow account (post being cleared by the various
international clearance systems)