1. Focus:

  • Focus on helping people, reciprocating and helping people before asking for help.
  • Do not post things about food, etc. We’re here to raise capital and structure deals/funds: focus on that.
  • Avoid distractions, scams and go through the Do Not Engage list at the bottom of this page to prevent scams and contact support@raises.com before wiring large fees to anyone.
  • Do not blame others for lack of progress. Always ask “what can I do better?”

2. Science

  • Do Your Own Research Everything here is for informational purposes and nothing here is a solicitation or a recommendation to purchase any security. (See more here: https://raises.com/legal/no-offer-or-advice-disclaimer/)

3. Simplicity

  • Keep it simple and focused on getting help for your deal, and helping others for their deal.
  • Maintain high standards. Do not post questionable offers such as low quality deceptively complex, or tacky content. Maintain professionalism.
  • If any member is found at Raises.com discretion to be unethical, engaged in fraudulent transactions, or to have legal proceedings, historic, or present, to suggest such unethical behaviour, all services and memberships will be halted permanently

Do Not Engage List: https://raises.com/donotengage