Thank you for choosing to advise and implement our Self-Serve Investment Banking™ product and technology-enabled services exclusively for your business.

This agreement (the “Agreement”), is entered into on the date of payment by and between Inc. (“”) with a mailing address of 99 Wall Street Suite 5116, New York, NY 10005 and registered office address at 2967 Dundas St. W. Suite 77, Toronto, ON M6P 1Z2, Canada.

and your company (“Company,” “you,” “your,”) (collectively, the “Parties”).

The parties agree as follows:

  1. The Product

As part of an offer to the company, it is the Self-Serve Investment Bank™ product (“Product”), comprising:

  1. Turn-Key Dataroom™ – Financial, Compliance and Due Diligence Advisory from Investment Professionals, High-Performance Mimicry and Cost Reduction Strategies
  2. Capital Markets Intelligence System™ – Capital Market Insights and Capital Raise Strategies
  3. Investor Data Engine™ – Advanced and Forensic Investor Data Extraction Strategies
  4. Mastermind™ – Weekly Support Calls, Q&A and Mastermind Community
  5. Future improvements to the Product and Service

The typical timeline of tasks may proceed as follows:

Turn-Key Dataroom™ –

Understanding the transaction requirements and the channels for it to be disseminated compliantly.

Completion of most of the Company’s compliance and financial materials within two weeks, then an introduction to appropriate legal counsel.

Pairing with a personal chartered financial analyst, or similar professional with 1-on-1 support throughout all of your transactions.

Introduction to financial institutions to discuss your transaction with due diligence libraries and mid-market syndication strategies.

Capital Markets Intelligence System™ –

Commencing the outreach to first, our JV partners and leverage our registered network and to get relevant investor contacts for your company for any mandate where compliant to do so.

Provision of letters of commitment to building momentum in selling. Optional onboarding with an appointment setter if needed.

Investor Data Engine™ – After some testing with some close contacts, more outreach capital markets with hundreds of thousands of data points with contacts on funds and investors.

The processes to generate hundreds of thousands of phone calls using forensic technologies (get 25,000+ warm investor or banker contacts in six minutes of using our technology). Follow our automation playbook, or delegate them to our trained appointment setters to run it for you, optionally. Mastermind™ – Relationships to family offices with creative global debt products, deal support for limitless deals, warm community of 300+ capital raisers globally to find ideal bankers and service providers, and ongoing due diligence support

Company understands it will receive five times the value of the cost, which includes the following:

  • Live Support Calls Each Week of Finance and Practical Outreach Strategy
  • Private Online Mastermind Communities
  • Introductions to remote, trained teams to work for the Company
  • Instructions with Templates, Resources and full training
  • A growing library of Recorded calls
  • Legal, Finance and Marketing Library
  • 50,000+ Rolodex of Financial Institutions

At the discounted yearly price emailed or told to the Company by a representative.

  1. Compensation for Product and Service
    1. Commitment Fee –waived.
    2. One-time setup Fee –via the payment options provided to the Company via email.
    3. Payment shall be issued online on our secure system provided to the Company (via email or on a call with a representative) for one year of access.
  1. Communications

Company agrees that the communication is to be via email or our proprietary online community at, the email address to use is’ office hours are 9am to 5pm New York time. The support staff typically responds to email within 24-72 hours excluding standard public holidays in Canada and the United States of America.

  1. Delivery and Onboarding

After full execution of this agreement, Company shall get access to the Product no later than one (1) business day.

  1. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Canada.

  1. Indemnification

The Company agrees to indemnify and hold, its affiliates, control persons, officers, and agents (each an “Indemnified Person”) harmless from and against all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, costs, or expense including those resulting from and against all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, costs, or expense including those resulting from any threatened or pending investigation, action, proceeding, or dispute.  This indemnification shall include and/or any such other Indemnified Person’s reasonable attorney fees and accountant fees and out-of- pocket expenses incurred in, and the cost of personnel whose time is spent in connection with such investigations, actions, proceedings or disputes which fees, expenses and costs shall be periodically reimbursed to and/or to any such Indemnified Person by the Company as they are incurred; provided however, that the indemnity in this paragraph 6 shall not apply where a court of competent jurisdiction had made a final determination that acted in a grossly negligent manner or engaged in willful misconduct in the performance of its services hereunder which gave rise to the loss, claim, damage, liability, cost, or expense sought to be recovered hereunder. The provisions of this paragraph 6 shall survive the termination and expiration of the Agreement.

  1. No offer or advice

The Website and the Service are provided by for information purposes only and do not constitute and should not be construed as a solicitation or offer by, or recommendation by to acquire or dispose of any investment or to engage in any other transaction whatsoever.

Nothing in the Website or the Service constitutes, and should not be construed as, the provision by of investment, legal, tax or other advice of any nature whatsoever and it should not be relied on in making an investment or other decision. The Company should obtain relevant and specific independent professional advice before making any investment or other decision.

The Company hereby agrees that it will not hold responsible in law or equity for any decisions of whatsoever nature which the makes or refrains from making following its use of the Website or the Service.

  1. No reliance makes no representation, undertaking or warranty that the information or opinions contained in the Website or the Service are accurate, reliable, up-to-date or complete. Neither nor any third party providing any Data guarantees the accuracy of the Data, or the underlying data or any projections based thereon.

The information and opinions contained in the Website and the Service are provided by for the Client’s own internal business use and informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice.

  1. Disclosure

Any advice or documentation rendered by pursuant to this contract may not be disclosed publicly or to any third party in any manner without the prior written approval of All non-public information provided by the Company to will be considered confidential information and shall be maintained as such by, except as required by law. The Company agrees to provide, among other things, all reasonable information requested or reasonably required by

  1. Outcome

Company success can be almost inevitable if the program is followed and adhered to however, market conditions, management experience and liquidity can affect the success of the Company. The parties hereto acknowledge and agree that cannot guarantee the results or effectiveness of any of the services rendered or to be rendered by as a result. Rather, shall conduct its operations and provide its services in a professional manner and in accordance with good industry practice. will use its best efforts, tools, systems and technologies and does not promise results. Company is responsible and accountable for it’s decisions, actions, corporation, and results in Company’s businesss, and by Company’s registration here Company agrees not to attempt to hold us liable for Company’s decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance.

  1. Media Release

Company authorizes to use Company’s story and/or results from the program as evidence for the program and as an example or case study of the program, and further agree to allow the use of Company’s voice, photo, posts, and likeness captured to be used for future products and/or marketing without compensation to Company.

  1. Term and Termination

This Agreement will commence when it is payment is received and continue for 1 year, and thereafter automatically renew for consecutive periods of 1 year, unless terminated in accordance with its terms. The Company may terminate at any time without cause provided that all compensation is paid by emailing with the subject line “terminate”.


  1. Usage

All data originating from must only be used for lawful purposes and its information in connection with the Company’s own internal business purposes, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement.  All data remains’ intellectual property and the Company shall not, use the Service in any manner or for any purpose other than those expressly specified in the Agreement; alter, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise seek to duplicate the performance characteristics of the Product (or attempt to do any of the foregoing), unless permitted to do so by law that is not capable of exclusion; rent, lease, lend, sell, sub-license, trade, assign, give or permit access to, disclose, transmit, use on behalf of, furnish, copy, modify or distribute the Service or any part of the Service (or offer to do any of the foregoing), to any third party not expressly permitted in the Agreement, including any affiliate or any other division, team or location of the Client; or remove or obscure proprietary right notices.

14. Pledge

If in the rare scenario, you do not feel you have received over five-times the value of the cost after six months of using our services and product, we shall issue lifetime access to our services and product. Lifetime Access is for the lifetime of the Self-Serve Investment Banking™ Product or the lifetime of If for any reason, should dissolve or cease to exist, or the Self-Serve Investment Banking™ product should cease to exist, then Company’s access to the Product terminates.

15. Honest User Policy

At, we stand behind the ability of our systems to get customers results when customers spend the time utilizing, studying, and implementing what they learn in their company.  Within 7 (non-business days) of Company’s purchase, we offer an action-based honest user policy. Company can apply for a full refund by emailing after Company does the following steps:

  1. Complete at least the “Turn-Key Dataroom” on the program Company has enrolled in and complete all action items if applicable with a deal or company of a proper and complete dataroom.
  2. Ask the team for help in our private group, introduce Company in all masterminds and via live weekly Q&A calls or by emailing have access to our coaches personally where Company can talk with them 1on1, live, at least once per week, have them review Company’s deal at no extra cost to Company.
  3. Make an honest attempt: This means Company put in effort in over the 7 (non-business day) period. An example of an “honest” attempt would be applying work over a 7 day period and participating in the training and uploading a company with full financials or applying training on how to do so. A dishonest attempt would be waiting until day 7 and then throwing it all together and downloading our proprietary data. If our support staff can clearly see the member has not put in an honest effort, they reserve the right to deny any refund.
  4. If the completed “Capital Markets Intelligence System” has been viewed and downloaded, we reserve the right to deny any refund.
  5. If there has been no Company uploaded to our Turn-Key Dataroom, we reserve the right to deny any refund.
  6. If any member is found at discretion to be engaged in fraudulent transactions, or to have significant legal proceedings that suggest such unethical behaviour, all services and memberships will be halted permanently
  7. If we choose to refund, all downloaded investor data must be fully eliminated from the Company’s servers and systems. Proof of investor data deletion which may involve a self-audit must be provided for complete proof of data deletion from all Company’s online or offline systems, in the event of a refund.

We do this to protect the value of our information, data, and coaching. It is our responsibility to offer technology, strategies, training, and coaching to the best of our efforts to Companies. It is the Company’s responsibility to apply the techniques, training, and coaching. If the Company does not get any responses from our staff or after applying, then it is our fault and we will happily refund Company instantly. If the Company does not apply the strategies it is, unfortunately, the Company’s fault. No refunds are given to customers on a payment plan (2 monthly payments, or 3 monthly payments). Should Companies wish to get a refund on a payment plan, we will stop Company’s payment if it’s within the 7 days policy window. No refunds are given in case of account termination due to rule violations in any of our groups. Company agrees that they will not contact their credit card company for a refund after day 7 until all compensation is paid.


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