Best places to invest in Australia

Australia presents several prime opportunities for real estate investment, with various regions showing promising growth and potential. Coastal areas are particularly appealing due to their strong tourism industries and desirable living conditions. Inland regions experiencing infrastructure developments and population growth also offer great investment potential.

Areas with burgeoning industries and employment opportunities are attracting investors, driven by the promise of economic stability and long-term returns. Additionally, regions known for their natural beauty and lifestyle appeal are becoming increasingly popular among both domestic and international investors.

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 Robe, South Australia

With a three month change in value of a whopping 8.3 per cent, the suburb of Robe is evidently as enticing as its cosy name implies. A charming seaside village town in the south-east of Adelaide, Robe is ideal for family living or holidays. The laid-back vibe and gorgeous scenery make it a popular destination for visitors from across the country and overseas. If you’re into your fish and chips, Robe could be the perfect fit for you or a couple of tenants looking for a sea change.

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Dinner Plain, Victoria.

Let ME paint you a picture. It’s snowing outside but you’re snug as a bug in your mountainside home drinking hot choccy. Not bad, right? That’s the lifestyle you can expect in Dinner Plain. Located next to Mount Hotham, this quaint snow village is a popular tourist destination for skiing, snowboarding and probably building a few snowmen and snowwomen. CoreLogic explains the average median value of the top-performing regional suburbs in this data set is $442,468. Dinner Plain’s median value is $1,052,121! With a tiny population of just 128 people (according to the 2021 Census), Dinner Plain is truly The Little Suburb That Could.

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Trangie, New South Wales.

Just an hour west of Dubbo, Trangie is an example of one of those ‘bridesmaid’ suburbs we talked about earlier. Known for its corner-block pubs, vast cotton fields and fat cattle sales, this is a rural town with a rich agricultural history. Way back in 1915, the Trangie Experiment Farm was at the forefront of technological change. Over 100 years later, research at the (renamed) Trangie Agricultural Research Centre continues to transform how we farm in Australia.


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