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Natu Myers


Best selling author in private equity and entrepreneur Natu Myers prepares companies to raise capital by building and growing mid-market investment banks. By leveraging digital marketing and data analysis, he has originated, consulted, and closed equity transactions ($80m). Natu built a cross-border banking compliance system and a global network of broker-dealers, his associates manage to secure funding and boost shareholder value. Through he and his team helped over hundreds of real estate investors raise over $200m.

Andrew Damon

Director, Investor Relations & Due Diligence

Andrew Damon, a jet charter owner, and family office consultant, brings two decades of experience in finance structuring and consulting via his firm Royal Investment Structures. Previously working for the FBI, he owns a family office resource center and a renewable & sustainability company. Andrew consistently collaborates and builds products and services with lucrative names and ultra-high net worth groups in the private capital industry.

Richard Reid

Director, Investor Relations

Richard is a M&A, Private Equity and Venture Capital Investor that provides advisory services to firms acquiring companies with $15m - $150m EBITDA. He is has been part of 5 successful transactions in industries like Construction, Trucking and Marketing and is currently working on high stake transactions in Canada and USA.

David Donovan, CFA

Enterprise Success Consultant

Dedicated Financial Analyst and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with a 13-year record of advancement and achievement. Leverage firm grasp of comprehensive financial modeling and all financial statement aspects to generate key business intelligence. Synthesize complex data analysis into cogent, practical recommendations for senior executive team.

Madhur Monga, CFA

Enterprise Success Consultant

Experienced in buying businesses in Vancouver, Canada, Madhur is a meticulous Financial Analyst who undertakes complex assignments, meet tight deadlines and delivers superior performance. Possesses practical knowledge in financial analysis and modelling. Applied strong business analysis skills to inform management an idea that increased revenue by 13.5% without adding additional capital risk.

Sebastian Amieva

Sebastian Amieva

Director, Global Acquisitions

Sebastian is an investor who provides capital consulting advice on global business acquisition strategies of companies with over $10m EBITDA. He mentors students on business negotion at Harvard Business School.

Jand "JJ" Hashemi

IT Advisor

Jand is a consultant to Fortune 500 software companies who assists with data collection and validation. He builds, maintains and shares artificial intelligence models to reduce operational burden.

Perinne Bumlag

Operations Integrator & Executive Assistant

Perinne assists by overseeing automated parts of client success. She is executive assistant to management and is dedicated to success.

Chris Mijares

Client Success Manager

Chris Mijares is a seasoned client support specialist with over 10 years of experience in investor relations and real estate. Their extensive background enables them to provide expert advice and guidance to clients, ensuring satisfaction and long-term retention. Leveraging their deep understanding of financial markets and real estate trends, Chris is well-equipped to help clients make informed decisions and achieve financial success.

Gerah Cabuenias

Account Management

Gerah is a dedicated detail-oriented customer services professional who assists clients and members with support tickets, onboarding, retention, and customer satisfaction.

Kwesi Griffiths

Jr Marketer and Account Management

Kwesi assists clients and members with accounting and administrative matters.

Juan Cardona

Bookkeeping and Account Management

Juan is a dedicated professional who assists clients and members with helpdesk support tickets, onboarding, retention, and customer satisfaction.

Joe Acosta

Advisor, Debt Products

Joe Acosta is an entrepreneur that provides capital, energy, consulting and work with energy companies, banks, credit unions, hedge funds, private equity, institutional firms, emerging fund managers, executives, real estate investors, syndicators, principals CEO's, CFO's and billionaire family offices. Joe has originated and closed an excess of $100m in real-estate transactions.

Extended Team

Outbound Sales Team and Data Contractors leverages the power of fractional salespeople and data contractors to scale its operations with agility and efficiency. By employing a dynamic workforce, consisting of sales professionals who work on a part-time basis, is able to optimize its resources and reduce overhead costs without sacrificing quality or performance. Additionally, the company's engagement with data contractors allows it to tap into specialized expertise and access real-time, actionable insights on our investor contact base that drive targeted marketing efforts and informed decision-making. This innovative approach to staffing, characterized by fluctuating numbers of team members as per the organization's needs, empowers to remain nimble and adaptive in a rapidly evolving market landscape, ensuring its sustained growth and competitive advantage.

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