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How to Send Us Clients (Self-Serve Investment Banking)

Step 1. Watch the video above

Step 2. Our criteria is

  • Preferably OECD countries (to see the current list, click here)
  • Non-OECD ok upon due diligence (Africa and others can work, so long the vetting process works)
  • It can be any company that has binding contracts from customers.
  • Ideally companies after the revenue generation portion of the lifecycle only (6 figures revenue)
  • Example clients
    • VC’s looking to raise
    • PE firm looking to raise for acquisition (must have deals under LOI if so)
    • Principal at a company
  • Note:
    • we help companies raise capital themselves more effectively
    • If the prospect makes the rules before we meet them (ex, I’m offering equity or GP units), it may not work. We make the rules, not the prospect.

Step 3. Click HERE to become an affiliate