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In this video, I’m going to tell you how you can launch your own private equity firm in 2023. So when it comes to launching your own private equity firm in 2023, you know, we’ve helped a lot of people do this in the mergers and acquisitions niche and in real estate. And I’m just going to walk through the tried and true principles that are going to get you there. So the first thing that you want to make sure you do is understand what is the goal of your private equity firm? What type of private equity firm is it? Are you a private equity firm? That and to actually understand what a private equity firm is, so generally private equity firms. Are you a company that’s it’s a really vague term that doesn’t really have any legal definition. So one first has to understand what it is. And in general, these to simplify are generally companies that are in a business acquiring privately listed companies. So it’s really simple, but it raises a com. We specialize at doing this for people in the in the general business acquisition sense or just with the focus on real estate. So it’s number one, understand what is your acquisition criteria and what is your core focus? Are you focused on acquiring low performing class C multifamily residential apartments to buy and hold them to perform some value add on them by hiring some contractors to improve the amount of cash you can spit out? Or are you looking to acquire HVAC companies? Are you looking to acquire like rocketship companies? What are you really looking to do? So focus on your like on your your criteria. (private equity firms)



How much money does it have to make, How much profits or even does it have to make? And what really are your goals? So establish that first before you do anything next when it comes to it, have like a solid origination strategy at racing dot com, we really don’t focus too much on origination, and origination just means finding that finding the deal. But you have to be reputable for people to trust that you’re somebody who can actually buy a business or acquire real estate. So make sure that you have like the marketing the team members. Dan Pinna Well renowned mergers and acquisitions person always talks about building your board raises that come, we have our own tricks and getting people, you know, letters of commitments, investor correspondence and so on, so that people can trust people and some press releases. Make sure that you follow the normal code of conduct and you have the training, the scripts, the processes to make sure that when companies see you and investors see you for the first time, they don’t think you’re some random person off the instruments who took a course. (private equity firms)

They think that you can actually buy and operate and grow a private equity business for tens of millions of dollars or more. So number three, when you’re working on launching your private equity firm, make sure that you can actually get the deal done. Many people focus on getting a deal before getting the capital rather than getting the capital in place before they get the deal. So if you don’t want to waste the seller’s time or you don’t want to waste time as you’re working on your first either business acquisition or real estate deal, you want to make sure that you can get the deal done because not getting your first one done is going to dramatically affect the lifetime of your business because that first 1 to 3 years, if your private equity firm launch will determine its future success for years and years. And so you want to really make sure that you get the first few deals done and you want to have as much certainty and high probability of making sure you can get it done. And one way to make sure you can get it done is to make sure that you caught the investors in a compliant way. Of course, either equity or debt, depending on what part of the capital stack you need to make sure that you can actually fund the deal. (private equity firms)

And if you do these three things, you know, then you’re golden. Then at least you have like a good head starts to make sure it can happen. So what is a private equity firm really? A private equity firm is just a company that is in the business of acquiring privately listed companies. So a company that is non a publicly listed exchange, that’s one way of defining it. Number two, what really is number two? Number two. Number two, what is your acquisition criteria? Are you only focused on the real estate? Are you focused on HVAC companies? Are you focused on transportation companies? Get really clear and have a clear vision of what you’re looking to do with your private equity firm. Are you just looking to like, besides making money and as well besides just making money, what exactly is the purpose of your organization existing? How would it make the world more like a better place? What is it besides it feeling money in your pocket that’s going to do for yourself and for your community and everything? What’s the purpose of focus on getting the deal done? And if you want to, if you can implement it, get it done. But if you need help with implementation, just make sure that you go to. (private equity firms) on LinkedIn

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