Natu Myers Asks How Adeola Oladimeji of Ascendi Capital Provide Returns to Real Estate Investors


All right. So, Eddie, it’s great to discuss with you again about some of the projects that you’re working on. We’ve seen your team work very hard to deliver outstanding results here. So, when it comes to Sun Capital and some of the offerings that you’re building, who is it for? And, who are some of the people that you’ve worked with and the stockholders, the investors that you’ve worked with? Who is it ideally for? (capital investment return)



Primarily, we work with accredited investors as our main target. So, according to the definition of an accredited investor set by the SEC, those are our target audience for offerings. We cater to high net worth individuals and institutional investors as our primary targets. (capital investment return)

Okay, understood. And so, we noticed that you seem to put a lot of effort into wealth preservation. How do you do that and why is that important to you right now? (capital investment return)

I’ve seen a lot of people invest in shiny objects, primarily because, I’m not trying to cast aspersions on some financial advisors, but they advise them to invest 60 to 40 in equity and public securities and debt. In most cases, people lose their money overnight, especially in stock markets, because they have no control. But if you’re investing in a private transaction, for instance, in real estate, power, or something in the private market, there’s a bit of control as to what happens to that asset. You know, you might be a limited partner, but if your investors pool is no more than on a deal and no more than, let’s say, ten or 15, even though it’s a large number, it’s a bit of control as to what happened to that property. You know, there’s regular reports to investors so they know what’s going on, keeping them updated. And security has been a product that’s been properly regulated. (capital investment return)

So, we try as much as possible to ensure that our investors’ money or capital is preserved in whatever it is. That’s a primary goal for us. Of course, we’re looking at adequate returns, but we’re not looking for overnight returns. We look at long-term plays, which is why capital preservation is very important because that’s the only way you can build generational wealth. For me, it’s all about simplicity. People understand real estate, people understand real assets. They know that their money can just disappear overnight. If you invest in real estate, you can point to the property. I can point to it. People invest in the stock market, and I’m not against people that invest in the stock market, I’m just talking about what I love, and that’s real assets. And I try as much as possible. (capital investment return)

To explain how we’re going to get that. This is what we want to do, and this kind of asset we put in. So we don’t say we’re going to do A and we do B. We focus on A. If you have issues along the way, we’ll tell them, let them know that we’re having issues, but we’re not going to move from A to B because we promised them A. So it’s about integrity, it’s about transparency, it’s about alignment of interest. Yeah, because we believe that if we’re saying that you should put your money somewhere, we should be able to put our money in that deal as well. So that’s alignment of interest. And I think those are the key things that people look out for, and investors decide, okay, yeah, we’re going to partner with Ascendi, we’re going to partner with IDEA, and this team. I think that was all about alignment of interest, about integrity, honesty, being open about everything, you know, no BS. Make it simple. (capital investment return) on LinkedIn

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