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Principal Loan Originator (America) (Apply Below)

About Us (Apply Below):

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About the Job (Apply Below):

We’re looking for a principal loan originator to join our inaugural new US-based Mortgage Brokerage. We’re launching a new Mortgage Brokerage in the United States, and we’re on the hunt for a principal loan originator to join our team from the start. This presents an exciting opportunity for an ambitious individual to be at the forefront of our operations, shaping the direction and success of our inaugural venture in the US market. Getting in early means you’ll play a pivotal role in setting the standards and processes, offering a unique chance to influence and grow with the business from the ground up.

Requirements (Apply Below):

  • Be based in the United States of America
  • Every mortgage broker must be managed by a principal loan originator who oversees the business.
  • The principal loan originator must have:
    • At least one year of licensed loan originator experience, or
    • Proven work in the mortgage industry for at least one year before assuming the role.
  • Mortgage brokers must regularly update the regulatory office with the current principal loan originator’s details, as required by rules.
  • You as loan originator will not allowed to be the principal of more than one mortgage broker at the same time
  • Falls in line with our values and mission Raises.com/mission

What You’ll Get (Apply Below):

  • Opportunity to work with an innovative, team on a powerful mission and scaling product
  • Ability to source your own originations and also originate from our deals (syndications and funds)
  • Generous split in commissions (commission-only role)
  • Exposure to a variety of capital markets transactions ($10m+) and credit for assisting with them
  • Light and flexible workload where you work on your own time and have as product scales
  • Opportunity to showcase in tier-1 press publications with chief investment officer