Top 3 Real Estate Investment Companies

Real estate investment companies work by pooling capital from different investors to purchase properties. Investors gain from the profit that the said properties generate.

There are different types of real estate investment companies in the market. This includes Real Estate Private Equity (REPE), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and Real Estate Brokerage.

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CBRE Group

CRBE Group is an American company that started in 1906. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas but has offices across the globe.

Focusing on commercial real estate services, the investment firm consistently ranks as the most valuable company by brand value.

In 2022, CBRE held the top spot for having the largest value of commercial mortgage originations. It definitely deserves to be called the global brokerage leader. Among the services they offer include valuation and advisory, and strategic investment consulting.

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Cushman & Wakefield

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Cushman & Wakefield is another well-known American real estate investment company. They are present in more than 70 countries.

With approximately 50,000 employees, it is considered one of the largest real estate companies worldwide.

The firm helps real estate investors through a variety of services. These include capital markets, agency leasing, project and development, and supplier management. They also offer commercial real estate leases and services.

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Prologis is a real estate investment trust (REIT) company based in San Francisco. It owns the largest selection of logistics real estate in the world. It has offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Prologis is in the business of acquiring, developing, and maintaining buildings. They assist logistics investors in locating real estate, purchasing land or buildings, and leasing properties.

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