In 2022, Esteve Mede had a big goal: to acquire a company worth a stunning $40,000,000. Being a serious operator in the cybersecurity niche in Washington DC, Esteve was eager to make this move. However, he was aware that he needed help to navigate this complex process. So, he decided to engage, a platform known for its expertise in business acquisitions. taught Esteve about the ins and outs of the acquisition process, arming him with valuable knowledge. However, despite his preparation, the deal fell through. Although disappointed, Esteve wasn’t defeated. He took it as a chance to rethink his strategy, determined to find other opportunities.

Come February 2023, Esteve was back in the game. This time, he set his sights on a smaller but promising target: D2K Technologies, an artificial intelligence company valued at $3,000,000. Esteve, with his unwavering focus and commitment, managed to successfully acquire D2K Technologies. The company had high-profile clients, including NASA and the Canadian Navy, which added to its value.

Esteve’s success with this acquisition marked a turning point in his journey. Not only did it give him a significant win, but it also validated his strategy and the teachings from The victory reaffirmed his belief that with patience, focus, and the right guidance, big challenges could be overcome.

Inspired by his own success story and fueled by the knowledge he gained from, Esteve decided to take a step further. He planned to launch a business acquisition fund in partnership with This new venture would allow him to use his experience and lessons learned to help others navigate the complex world of business acquisitions, just like he did. His story stands as a testament to perseverance and the power of leveraging the right resources in the world of tech mergers and acquisitions.

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