Natu Myers – Founder (Click here to learn more)

Best-selling author in private equity and entrepreneur Natu Myers prepares companies to raise capital through a variety of strategies. C

Joshua Gogo, PhD, CFA – Enterprise Consultant

Recognized expert in economics, finance, and risk management. Since 2019, he’s led Afcote to excel in Corporate Finance and Sustainability. Featured in “The Top 100 Canadian Professionals Magazine” in 2020

Andrew Damon – Advisor 

Andrew Damon, a jet charter owner, consultant, brings two decades of experience in finance structuring and consulting via his firm Royal Investment Structures. Previously working for the FBI, he owns a family office resource center and a renewable & sustainability company. Andrew consistently collaborates and builds products and services with lucrative names and ultra-high net worth groups in the private capital industry.


David Donovan, CFA – Enterprise Consultant

Dedicated Financial Analyst and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with a 13-year record of advancement and achievement. Leverage firm grasp of comprehensive financial modeling and all financial statement aspects to generate key business intelligence. Synthesize complex data analysis into cogent, practical recommendations for senior executive team.

Chris Mijares – Support & Business Development

Is a seasoned client support specialist with over 10 years of experience in investor relations and real estate. Their extensive background enables them to provide expert advice and guidance to clients, ensuring satisfaction and long-term retention.


Madhur Monga, CFA – Enterprise Consultant

Meticulous Financial Analyst who undertakes complex assignments, meet tight deadlines and delivers superior performance. Possesses practical knowledge in financial analysis and modelling. Applied strong business analysis skills to inform management an idea that increased revenue by 20% without adding additional capital risk.

Sebastian Amieva

Sebastian Amieva – Advisor

Sebastian provides capital consulting advice on global business acquisition strategies of companies with over $10m EBITDA. He mentors students on business negotiations at Harvard Business School.


Adeleine Leigh Lat – Administrative Support

Highly accurate support consultant who helps in managing support questions, assignments, meeting tight deadlines and delivers superior performance. 


Juan Cardona – Administrative Support

Juan Cardona provides minor administrative support functions

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Irish Tandang – Triage and Administrative Support

Adept at fielding support queries and managing assignments with precision. Thrives in dynamic settings, meeting deadlines with top performance. Combines strong communication skills and attention to detail to enhance office efficiency and client relations.


Others – Fractional Consultants 

We work with fractional consultants who assist in business development, financial analysis and securities law.