Industry: Oil Acquisition  and Real Estate

Before Working With After Greg went through a personal life transformation, he was inspired to dive deeper into the oil acquisition world. His mission is to share insights on how to properly buy businesses with others.

In his endeavors, however, there was a lack of predictability. Greg didn’t have insight into how his strategy was progressing, and upon further evaluation, he realized it wasn’t scalable.

He knew that the only thing keeping his success going was his ability to understand the market and make purchases. But that wasn’t enough to consistently find the right businesses to buy.

Working With Although Greg had a strong core strategy, we discovered quite quickly that his front-end methods were struggling. There was no predictability in his flow of new business acquisitions.


“How has your experience been with” – Natu, founder of

“I has been awesome. Great group of people!” – Greg

One area that we worked on with him was origination. Greg wasn’t effectively able to get into conversations with sellers because they saw him as more a capital raiser, then an serious business buyer, communicating with potential sellers or understanding their needs. We revamped his communication materials and rebuilt his acquisition funnel.

After setting accountability targets for his market analysis, Greg brought on a virtual assistant to help him with these internal tasks. He also sought guidance on better understanding the oil acquisition market and ensuring he was making informed decisions. When implementing testimonial references from previous sellers, Greg saw a huge rise in prospective businesses to acquire.

After Working With Greg built out a bigger team to support his acquisition strategies, collect feedback, and aid in outreach to potential sellers. Just 6 months after making these changes, Greg improved his consistency in finding and buying businesses in the oil acquisition world and real estate world.

Pictured above, Greg Meets with Joshua Gogo, PhD, an expert in oil acquisitions.

Greg is now more efficient, not wasting time on strategies that weren’t yielding results, and can focus on his primary goal in the industry.