Tempest22. is a newly (at the time of the posting of this press release) formed Hotel acquisition company that originates best-in-class hotels for investors. They had a great solutions but desired more scalable methods for raising capital for larger deals to make the jump from one-off syndications, to structuring their first private equity fund.

William (Danny) Frye, CEO, approached and engaged Raises.com. We simplified their equity sales process, introduced to investment bankers who close $1b quarterly, structured their inaugural $50m private equity fund’s fundamentals, saved on legal, set up investor outreach strategies and placed a key equity sales appointment-setter position. The result is their hotel deals continue to get closed while on the Raises.com platform, raising capital for their fund.


Now Tempest 22, LLC is on pace to do more than $50M in acquisitions in 2022. Tempest22, LLC currently has $3M in AUM with another $9M under contract at the time of this press release.

“Well, I mean, just the I guess just to address some of your new members, I don’t know what their backgrounds are. I would love for them to introduce themselves. My name is Danny Frye and I own Tempest 22. Private equity fund or a private equity firm that focuses on hotel acquisitions. This has been a great platform. This has been. One of the best decisions I’ve made for probably the best decision I’ve made for my business in three years. So just to let everybody know how phenomenal this platform is. Don’t hesitate. Just get out there. Lay it out. Natu is absolutely incredible and will work through any of your if any, any of the challenges that you’re stuck somewhere or anything like that. But this is absolutely an incredible platform.”