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TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / October 15, 2021 / Raises.com (the “Company” or “Raises.com”) is pleased to announce the closing of a non-brokered private placement for the acquisition of a commercial brokerage.

Raises.com client and close correspondent INHDC, LLC (International Native Humanitarian Development Limited Liability Company), purchased 100% equity stake from the commercial brokerage firm TFMS, INC.

Hence on closing, INHDC received complete access to TFMS, INC’s book of business and buy-side relationships for unique financing solutions in debt capital.

Response from TFMS, the veteran-owned firm, has been very positive with many suggestions being received and implemented to make the TFMS more efficient with its long-standing relationships with financial institutions. The balance of changes and additions is expected to be completed in the next quarter.

INHDC’s new access to capital market relationships has been offered to Raises.com personnel to improve its product and service for its members.

These results have occurred without any marketing or advertising, but through Raises.com’s Self-Serve Investment Banking system, and INHDC’s founder, Richard A. Reid’s origination team. The actual offering and sale of such securities were only be completed through the buyer and seller’s own legal counsel in the jurisdictions where required. Upon Raises.com obtaining a broker dealer registration (or similar) in certain jurisdictions (including becoming an Exempt Market Dealer in Ontario, Canada if approved), Raises.com will offer such services where allowed through such registrations.

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Raises.com is a global boutique corporate advisory firm and creator of the market category Self-Serve Investment Banking, which is a self-sovereign method of helping people raise $10m+ for funds and acquisitions.

This turn-key solution democratizes investment banking, helps companies get ‘institution-ready,’ ensures their capital-raising campaigns are quicker and more effective from all aspects ranging from compliance to cost-saving deal structure and innovative capital raising structures. All projects are assisted through globally compliant means with a rapidly expanding global presence with joint venture partnerships.

Raises.com as a corporate consultant works with a global network of investment bankers and is planning to become an exempt market dealer in Canada.

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