Hey, this is just a quick video testimonial, uh, the sales rep testimonial for raises.com. So, uh, my name’s Caleb. I’ve been a sales rep for raises for a little going, going on a year now, uh, this month. And it’s been a hell of a time. Just an honest review for raises. Uh, it is a great account, great commission structure, great comp, very high quality leads. If you’re looking for a great. First foray into like the world of high finance. This is the perfect place to get your feet wet. You know, learning the lingo, speaking the jargon, talking the talk, talking with people who are making six, seven, um, I don’t think eight figures yet, but we have some pretty high earners in there. Uh, feedback. As like a sales rep position. So raises is a place that is working to develop its internal culture, like across people and, and people capital and human capital. So mind you that if you’re coming in as a sales rep, you’re gonna be a bit of a lone wolf, and you better be prepared to kind of bring your own culture, manage your own mindset, and stay consistent and stay hungry at it yourself. It’s not really gonna, it’s not like super readily gonna be provided like by the company itself. However, the makeup for that is that you get incredible comms and all the other stuff that a lot of other offers are lacking. So there’s a little bit of a trade off to make there as far as the offer and like selling, uh, in the niche, uh, it’s a good mix between like B2B and b2b. B2C type sales. They’re a little bit more complex as you’re dealing with sophisticated buyers. Not so much like someone, it’s not a bis op opportunity or someone who’s starting a business for the first time, where you can be a little bit more, um, the, the, the impacts and their needs aren’t directly about them, but more about their business and their professional career, which makes a big difference. Now you’re selling them. But all in all, phenomenal place to learn, sharpen to strengthen your skills and really understand the world of high finance. So I highly recommend it to someone who loves the game of high finance mergers and acquisitions in real estate, and jump right in.