Hello, Sam from Satori Business in Australia. Just giving you a quick testimonial, uh, for Natu Myers and the business group that he has established. I joined that business group in the beginning of 2020 when I was introduced by a friend of mine who I’d done some capital raise work and corporate advisory for, uh, throughout the years of 2017 through to 2019 on some of his businesses.

And he put me in touch with that group knowing that that’s the space that I’m in. And I have to say I was blown away. Uh, from the caliber of people that are, um, that are members of that group, and also the standard of conversation and discussion that goes into it. Um, Natu’s been able to administer that, uh, collection of people to, and steer them in the direction of really proactive, uh, proactive information, proactive deals.

Uh, and genuine good quality discussion about those deals and also about the industry that we’re in. Um, I’ve been able to get tips and advice, which may in fact be the most valuable thing that I’ve received out of that. And in addition to that, I’ve had at least three deals receive interest and progress on, on that interest and, uh, and a new deal on a, an entirely new partnership that’s come.

Directly out of an introduction made through that group, uh, which looks like it will complete by the bit, uh, by the middle of this year. So, um, some great things on, on direct tangible business that’s resulted from being a part of that group, but also huge learnings, great experience. And I have to say it is actually.

The only group message board that I genuinely read every day because I know whatever comes outta that group will be useful information. You get a lot of guff in these investment groups, uh, across Telegram and Signal and WhatsApp, and there’s a lot of people that are pitching rubbish and not once have I seen anything that’s rubbish in this group.

Uh, and any time that there is something that, um, A little bit of a spook, or it doesn’t fit, it’s tightly monitored. Natu will jump in straight away and it’s an instantly removed, or that person’s removed, or, uh, just the posters removed. So everything that comes through that is absolute genuine quality.

Natu’s always quick to follow up, uh, even with the members of the group to see how projects have gone and partnerships have gone. And I think that’s just incredible. So I’m really grateful for being a part of it and, uh, it’s a, it’s a real blessing to be in connection with Natu and I think. Anybody who has has that opportunity, they should take it.