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Publicly Traded Investment Bank Goes from $1m to $70m Market Cap, Closes First Deals,

Before Using Self-Serve Investment Bank

Boutique Investment Bank (undisclosed) Needed to complete its first transactions to establish its authority in the industry of capital raising.

After Using Self-Serve Investment Bank’s method

Thanks to the combined knowledge from the founder of Self-Serve Investment Bank’s,  the firm quickly grow to over a $70m market capitalization in the span of a year of working with one of our teammembers.

“We are excited to have completed a closing between investors and an issuer and we have several more following closely behind,” the founders said.

“We have been working diligently building a large base of potential investors and we are starting to see more traction and interest from our potential investor clients.”

The firm’s market capitalization lept after the closing of the deal.




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