Acquisition Criteria

Aeropolis Capital owns stakes in asset management and acquisition vehicles. 
Currently, we are only sourcing from principals grandfathered in from our Self-Serve Investment Banking™ communitybut for future reference, below is the criteria:
  • We acquire & operate businesses in the lower-middle market range.
  • We are industry agnostic (meaning, we are open to all industries)
  • We support businesses in all OECD countries (to see the current list, click here)
  • We seek companies with a 20% EBITDA margin, at least.
  • We back companies after the revenue generation portion of the lifecycle only.
  • We do not accept distressed situations.
  • If buying price is $10m-$30m Buying Price, middle management must be in place
  • If the buying price is under $10m it must be highly process-driven and automated.
  • We are an ideal partner for principals who seek
    • Escape
    • Liquidity
    • To continue their legacy
    • To delegate management
    • To protect their values, employees, culture & reputation.

Industry Agnostic, but preference for:

● Real Estate | Housing, Development & Construction
● Finance | Banking | Financial Education
● Transportation | Tourism & Travel

Initial Due Diligence

For our initial due diligence, we ask for the following.

  • Deck or Information Memorandum
  • Confirmed Sale Price
  • Terms of the Offering Location/Date of Incorporation
  • Revenue and EBITDA past 2 years
  • Names of principals who hold over 10%
  • Cap Table
If you want to send us a presentation about a particular asset, please send it to us by clicking here.