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Self-Serve Investment Banking™, is a term, market category, process, and concept created and invented by Raises.com which is currently proliferating capital markets. It is a four-step process that assists people in preparing and executing $10m+ capital raises for funds, roll-ups, and acquisitions. Not as a direct investor, but as a consultant, we assist people in either equity or debt in a variety of jurisdictions and industries in a hybrid self-serve manner through compliant systems.

It is for a professional who may have had some success in raising below 8-figure tranches of transactions for the acquisition of real estate assets or other assets throughout their careers, but is frustrated with the bottlenecks of syndication who would like to raise 8-figure tranches to scale quicker in their strategy (industry agnostic, i.e, real-estate is not a must).

It is also for a mergers and acquisitions entrepreneur who would like to improve their systems and processes to close their first few transactions. Ideally for multiple raises in the eight-figure plus range.

Our product and service work best for principals who are committed to maintaining the integrity of the process and as a result, we currently do not offer the system to everyone.


Step 1: Raises.com Masterminds™ & Onboarding

The first step is onboarding.

Prior to onboarding, many of our future members have never raised, more than $1m-$2m, nor do they have trusted institutional relationships on the debt or equity buy-side for eight-figure transactions.

So, the same day that somebody joins Raises.com, we integrate members with Raises.com’s JV partners who are either investment banks or family offices, who can directly complete your raise.


In addition, we onboard new members to our masterminds: people who we work with who are raising tens of millions of dollars right on our Raises.com portal. Members can leverage all that information they know as well. And so, we make these introductions on the first day.


 The result: you have a network of eight-figure plus capital raisers with whom you can build lifetime relationships.

Step 2: Turn-Key Dataroom™

Prior to onboarding, many of our future members have may not have their information ready for an institutional capital raise ($10m+).

For instance, many haven’t done a Reg D in the US, or complaint exempt offering in Canada, Australia, or other prominent commonwealth nations.


Our consultants and chartered financial analysts can assist you in all that paperwork to get members 95% through to completion so that you have the compliant offering, we give you our CFA, (Charter Financial Analysts), to assist you with the financials, and testing all assumptions therein if needed on a 1-on-1 basis.


The result: you have a clear pathway to having everything compliant and so you have as many routes to go as possible, even possibly going public with support along the way.

Step 3: Capital Markets Intelligence System™

The third step is commencing a more aggressive campaign.

Prior to onboarding, many of our future members have may not the contact information on investors with the same mandate, a team to delegate the capital raising to, and a system to predictably and quantifiable measure performance to get closed term sheets more systematically for an institutional capital raise ($1m-$100m).


Many CEO’s do not have the time to be able to go out and do consistent outreaches and measure all of the metrics and do all proper reporting, so Raises.com has consortiums of trained appointment setters that are trained to assist you in hitting the markets by contacting the tens of thousands of investors from the offices, private debt providers, and so on, on our proprietary portal, underneath your company through the compliant structure securities council have created.
The result: The capital raising process in your organization is systemized and delegated.

Step 4: Investor Data Engine™

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The investor data engine is a set of extra proprietary tools that can be delegated for somebody else to do, or you can do directly, for you to get even, investors that even in our network.

The result: countless avenues to continue to generate conversations.



With all these four steps, Raises.com generates revenues is by offering licenses for new members to access our portal for the duration of your raises.

Raises.com also generates revenue by consulting relationships with our JV family offices and investment banks, based on quarterly results.

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