Best Real Estate Mutual Funds Of May 2024

Real estate funds offer balance and solid dividends. Despite lower returns compared to the S&P 500, they outperform rival groups like natural resources and high-yield bonds. Accessible through retirement plans or advisors, these funds boast consistent returns and competitive fees.

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Vanguard Real Estate Index Fund Investor Shares (VGSLX)

Expense Ratio    Dividend Yield    10-Year Avg. Ann. Return

0.12%                   4.34%                             4.99%

The passively managed Vanguard Real Estate Index Fund owns about 160 real estate investment trusts (REITs), representing most public real estate sectors. With approximately $60 billion in total net assets, VGSLX is the largest fund on our list of best real estate mutual funds and the only one that is passively managed. Its current dividend yield tops all funds on our list.

Retail, Industrial and Telecom REITs make up nearly 40% of the fund. Retail REITs include the popular stores found in malls, while industrial REITs include warehouses and distribution centers, popular with big retailers like (AMZN) and Walmart (WMT). Telecom REITs include cell phone towers and properties

used by cell phone companies.


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Nuveen Real Estate Securities Fund (TCREX)

Expense Ratio    Dividend Yield      10-Year Avg. Ann. Return

     0.77%                  2.48%                               5.80%


Formerly known by the TIAA-CEF brand name, the Nuveen Real Estate Securities Fund sports a laudable long-

term track record. TCREX has outperformed its Morningstar category over the past five, 10 and 15 years. But it has a lower dividend yield.

TCREX managers seek real estate companies with sound cash flow and asset values. The fund is populated with U.S. REITs, mainly in the mid-cap space. With lower volatility than its peer group, TCREX’s price tends to trade within a narrower range than more volatile rivals.

With only about 40 holdings, the fund is concentrated. Its top-10 REITs make up roughly half of the fund’s assets. Nearly 90% of the fund is dedicated to the specialized, residential, industrial and retail REIT categories.

Individual investors can purchase this fund.

Another share class is offered by many company sponsored retirement accounts.

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Cohen & Steers Real Estate Securities Z (CSZIX)


Expense Ratio     Dividend Yield      Avg. Ann. Return Since Inception (Oct. 2014)

     0.75%                     3.26%                                            7.43%


Over the past one, three and five years, Cohen and Steers Real Estate Securities Fund’s average annual return has topped its Morningstar category’s average performance.

CSZIX’s largest bets are on the infrastructure and industrial sectors. Congress in 2021 passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, which is pouring billions of dollars into those sectors.

The fund’s next largest bets are on the apartment, data center and health care sectors. Those bets align with the U.S.’s need for more housing as well as health care for our rapidly aging population. CSZIX’s allocation to data center properties jibes with a familiar, burgeoning industrial segment. Those trends provide CSZIX with a generous tailwind.


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