3 Ways Chat GPT Can Raise Millions For Your Real Estate Fund? – Investment Banking

In this video, I’m going to tell you how you can raise millions of dollars for your real estate or acquisition private equity deal using the power of artificial intelligence. So if you stick to the end, the video will make more sense. So I’ll be, because I’ll be able to show you how you can apply it to three tactics to raise more money using artificial intelligence.


As you may or may not know, OpenAI has released something called ChatGPT 3 to the public in a way that is really easy to interface with. And so this allows people to input any command and you can basically get, uh, it’s to do, it’s to do anything. For example, it formulates an argument for me to use the Regulation D 506C exemption as opposed to using the Regulation A crowdfunding exemption with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

And it would output everything. So, using this type of technology, some people may wonder, how can this make me more money? So, I mean, there are three ways. And the first way is, it’s not really going to replace human beings yet. It may take, who knows, it could take 10, 15, maybe 20 years for it to replace 95 percent of humans.

What normal jobs are doing, like what securities lawyers are doing currently, and then they would have to change what they’re doing. But, what it can do, it can help you speed up, you know, how fast you get, you create your private equity fund. Because, you know, to raise money in the United States, or any common, any developed commonwealth country as well, such as Canada.

You know, you need to be able to properly do the paperwork, and you need to be able to properly market stuff. So when it comes to the prepared preparation, what you can do right now is really, you can’t use it to create, typically you need a subscription agreements and a private placement memorandum, but we’ll put an example test on the screen and we’ll see what it generates, but what it can do, it can help you organize your thoughts and your information.

You can send it information on how you want your deal to be summarized at. You can create a term sheet by saying, write this in bullet form or create this as a term sheets, but create this as a summary and it will create it. So if you’re in the. drafting phase of your private placement memorandum or your subscription agreement, which is which are the documents that people need to be able to sell their deal to investors.

It can help speed up the process. I’m pretty sure that lawyers and consultants and platforms are going to be using this to speed up their work. And the second way that this is going to help you raise more money is when you’re actually sending the emails to investors. One thing that AI is going to do is going to definitely help you prepare your pitch deck more effectively.

So again, The AI is not really good at creating new pitch decks from scratch. There’s several companies are actually doing this and helping people create pitch decks automatically using one word commands, but when you’re formulating, when you’re forming, creating your idea and you’re summarizing your points, for example, if you’re able to, were to take your LinkedIn, uh, your resume, and then you could tell it to summarize this in a persuasive way, or you tell it to turn this into 20 bullet points, or you take an audio clip of a pitch that you did.

You’re able to transcribe the audio. Using another tool and then send it to open AI and you’ll be able to summarize the key points or summarize the management team’s experience, highlighting the most effective points of difference, something like that. So basically it’s like an assistance that you can use, you know, to, to draft and move around in this more.

So it’s going to save you more time as you’re working on doing that. And the third thing is when you’re doing marketing to investors. So when people are actually sending emails to investors, obviously doing it compliantly and legally. You can actually have ways of, you know. Creating your, your sales message to investors.

Um, and this can be a test run. And again, the third time it’s not really the best idea to use it blindly, but use it, but take basically your ideas, take the summary, take all the information of your ideas and then send it to the AI. Tell it to summarize the key points in a persuasive way, in a bold way, and then test it after you review it and fix the mistakes.

And after you test it, it can help you draft your emails up much faster. And so jobs like copywriting, sales. Salespeople and marketers are going to be under threat. Uh, so then you can definitely use this as the opportunity to move some of that labor in drafting things up when it comes to the sales message.

And when you go to investors, you can actually test subject lines and emails. You can text, uh, scripts in calls to use, uh, like write me a 10, write me a quick call script for a. Two minute call, uh, or make an example conversation between an investor that’s skeptical and a salesperson that is aggressive and you can start to test and see different scenarios that can play out and you can use it as a way to test things and obviously this is like iPhone version one is obviously going to have some problems, but when you look out 10, five years later, it’s going to definitely replace a lot of what you’re doing that is ineffective.

And so how do you actually get it together and how do you actually make money with this? Well, the way to. money with this is to make sure that you use it to save money. So if you guarantee, if you pay people hundreds of thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars to do things that have already been drafted, you’re going to waste a lot of money.

So you want to make sure that you draft as much as you can compliantly and legally, of course, and then go to lawyers after or get approval after and validate after because what most people do, they validate their deal before they get the traction.

3 Ways Chat GPT Can Raise Millions For Your Real Estate Fund? – Investment Banking

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