Grant Cardone – Breakthrough Real Estate Investing – REACTION!!!

In this video, I’m going to be reacting to Grant Cardone, and here he talks about a Frannie Mae game changer through real estate investing. So I’m just going to watch the video with all of you and react myself because a lot of people have been asking me to, you know, take a look at his content and provide my feedback.


So let’s take a look. You don’t know that I discovered, number one, November 18th is a very, very special day coming. Frannie Mae is about to change the way they… I’ll just put this on a slower speed. The lend for four units and above. Do not miss this information. Okay. It’s vital. Number two, by the way, stay tuned to the third one because it’s going to blow you away.

Number two, you now have what’s called a DSCR coverage. Meaning the lender will loan you money for a certain type of real estate based on the property, not based on your credit score. Again, November 18th, put it on your calendar because I’m going to show you how to take advantage of the first two. And number three, the most explosive thing happening in real estate right now and for the last, I don’t know, 75 years, Hey, welcome to the Grant Cardinals YouTube channel sponsored by 10X Studios and GCT.

Yeah. So, so far, like just know that, uh, this is for, so apparently this is for a certain type of number one is for a certain type of. Real piece of real estate above four units. So for those who want to do small syndications in the U. S. and this is all the U. S. So everybody else forget about this. So for the U.

S., four types of pieces of real estate, apparently. And then the other one’s another type of real estate I didn’t specify yet. So let’s take a look and see what exactly the deal is. Real estate, I’ve been buying it since I was 29 years old. Okay, there’s some things that you can do in real estate right now because of the new rules.

November 18th, put that on your calendar. Fannie Mae is changing the rules. Number two, they’re going to use DCR or debt coverage ratio to qualify you for the loan, not your credit, not your income. And they’re going to use the income from the property to basically support that loan. But the third biggest thing is what the biggest guys in the game don’t want you to know.

Where to find these assets and how to buy them for 50 percent below replacement costs. Okay. There are going to be billions, hundreds of billions of dollars of real estate traded in the next 18 to 24 months. And it’s happening right now. It’s already started already have deals on your contract right now for 50 percent less than either the previous company paid for them or below replacement costs.

Imagine buying something that’s. Let’s say a million dollars to build and you buy for 500, 000 and you do it with only 25, 000 and you do it without a credit score or a job because the property itself will fund itself and the bank will give you a loan regardless of what the rate is. It could be 6%, 7%, 8 percent So, this is interesting.

Uh, I think it’s not necessarily something completely new. Uh, But I think it’s just a wider qualification because there are many people who we reach out to that They managed to finance the acquisition of some businesses By just getting a business partner in the deal with them that is able to support the credit score Like for example is a piece of real estate and you don’t have the credit score to do it So you just find a business partner that joins you and then they’re the ones who send their personal guarantee but hey if people are able to You know acquire more deals without personal guarantee Or get a business partner, and sure, why not?

As soon as he was good. It could be terrible and the property will still fund this terrible interest rate. Look, on November 8th, 18th, because Fannie Mae’s coming out doing this, I am going to do an emergency meeting the same day. That’s on a Saturday. So that you can get started on this right now. In your neighborhood, where you live, find a piece of property, a piece of real estate.

I believe this to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. You have to know how to look for the deal, how to price the deal, how to find the deal, how to fund the deal, either with your 25, 000 or how to raise that 25, 000. Or if you’re thinking bigger, a 10 million deal now can be bought with that. 500, 000, which is amazing.

That’s only 5 percent down, but you’d have to raise the money. I can show you how to do that as well. And I’ll do it on November 18. I’ll show you how to understand the debt service coverage ratio, and I’ll show you how to qualify for the Fannie Mae 5 percent down three. I’ll show you how to raise the money.

If you don’t have any money for. Most importantly, most importantly, I’ll show you how to find the deal. Look, the debt will find the deal. Fannie Mae will support the right deal. In the right location, in the right city. And every city is treated differently by these new rules and regulations. Some cities are better at Freddie Mac than they are at Fannie Mae.

I’ll explain all this on November the 18th. Do not miss it. It’s completely free. Uh, I’m gonna take my portfolio in this project. So, I mean, so far so good. It’s just that, like, he’s pumping his stuff, which is fine. It’s just, uh, I didn’t really get the info on the actual, uh, on the actual… Uh, what the details are.

And I think in this video, I may just end up going to the website to see, but let’s take a look at the rest. Process from 12, 000 to probably double 25, 000. It goes to get to a hundred thousand units and be one of the largest landowners in America. I can’t own it all. There’s tens of millions of units.

Okay. I can’t buy them all. So I want to share with you guys how to buy those two units, four units, eight, 16s, 32s. Imagine a hundred units in your portfolio. Imagine 10 properties. Each of them has four units. 40 units paying you 1, 500 a month for when you retire, or in the next 3 or 4 or 5 years, okay?

Rents are going to continue to go up. People will continue to be renters. Mortgages are double right now what rent is, so no matter how much your renter screams to go buy a house today, it’s almost impossible to qualify for it. It takes 20 percent down. Literally. You can buy a multi family, four unit property on November 18th with less money down than a single family home.

So join me November 18th. My name is Grant Cardone. The link will be below. Well, I mean, I think you can, especially, and I think that’s pretty much it. So I think you can, especially with, um, okay. So now I see the release notes, the official one. Okay, so this is more, yeah. So they did update their loan to value ratios.

So what are they saying? They’ll update their desktop underwriter,

LTV ratio, so loan to value ratios. So to expand credits, access to credit and supports for affordable housing, the maximum allowable loan to value, CLTV and HCLTV, which I have to ask my CFA what that means, ratios for two to four unit principal residence. So principal residence, that’s your residence. Or, purchase and limited cash out transactions will be updated to 95%.

That is really good. Yeah, that is really good. Uh, this change will not apply to high balance mortgage loans and loans that are manually overwritten. Okay. So, that’s a 10 percent increase in the loan to value ratio. So that means you can have 95%, it looks like 95 percent debt with 5 percent debt. Uh, that is a really good deal.

So yeah, so I mean, it’s all legit. Uh, so just check it out and I guess the main idea is, qualify, if you can qualify for this, or you find a business partner that can qualify for this and, you know, the only thing that is questionable is more just, principal residence, because I’m not sure if you have to, principal residence, some people they may say, oh that’s your existing property that you live in.

Uh, but if you can do this for something that’s, uh, like, something that’s, Other people that you that you don’t live in then I think it may be a good deal. So check it out and On our side, we don’t specialize in finding a deal, but it’s more just in raising the down payment So if you want to learn how raise.

com can help you do this by creating the structure and getting the introduction to go in Just make sure you have to raise. com and learn more

Grant Cardone – Breakthrough Real Estate Investing – REACTION!!!

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