How to Make Money Online With Debt – Capital Raises – Investment Banking

In this video, I’m going to show you different ways to generate passive revenue online using the high-interest rate environment that we’re in. So even though there are very high-interest rates right now, the highest in almost 30 years, there are unique ways that people can make income online. I’m going to walk through the five different ways, and you want to make sure you stick to the end because the fifth way wouldn’t really make any sense.

Plus, we do a monthly giveaway, and you’ll get instructions on how to enter the giveaway by the end of the video. The first way to consider making money online using the high-interest rate environment is to become a loan. Because interest rates are very high, people can make more money from selling and participating in loans.

So, if you’re watching this video and you’re less established, new to everything, and a beginner, the best way is to get started by working for a lender or with a lender as a loan officer. Basically, you have to work with the national or statewide regulator to ensure that you become a loan officer and work with them to find people that need loans. In exchange for doing that, if you have the proper licensing, you can actually get part of the commission.

The second way to make money online in this high-interest rate environment is to try to become your own lender. If you’re more experienced or work with a lender as a loan officer, you can focus on establishing yourself as a lender. Work with your local debt regulators or commercial mortgage regulators, obtain the necessary licenses, or check for rules or exemptions in your situation. Make sure to try to lend out money yourself. You can raise some money and partner with existing lenders that can offer half of the capital needed to lend out the money.

So, in a nutshell, lend money out and get a lender to partner with you to lend the money out. The third way you can consider making money is to focus on different industries. Find people that need capital for fix and flip, or renovations for their houses. Look for those who don’t qualify for existing loans in the area, as there are many people urgently seeking debts but don’t meet the criteria to work with a bank.

The fourth way is to focus on buying and selling notes. Instead of being a lender yourself or working underneath a lender, focus on buying bonds and debt notes. You can buy publicly listed bonds and vehicles or private bonds and loans. When interest rates go up, the price of loans and bonds goes down, providing opportunities for buying and selling.

So, in summary, the five ways to consider making money online in this high-interest rate environment are: 1) Work with somebody who wants to lend out money. 2) Become the lender yourself. 3) Partner with lenders to raise the money to lend out. 4) Buy and sell public bonds. 5) Buy and sell private bonds. If you have any questions or want to learn how to set up your own debt funds to lend money, head to to learn more.

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How to Make Money Online With Debt – Capital Raises – Investment Banking

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