How to Make More Money When Banks Charge A Lot – Capital Raising

Marius here again, and I’m going to walk through how you can use a market with high interest rates to make more money. So did you know that you can use a high interest rates environments? To make more money for yourself and for your investors, there are different business models that you should probably consider.

If you want to make the most amount of money during a high interest environment, the first way that you can consider making more money in a higher interest rate environments, especially if you’re a professional in the financial sector or want to get started, whether you’re experienced or not, you want to make sure you do things.

that need people to pay you interest for. So it’s very simple. If interest rates are high, that means that people who are lending out money are making more money. Be the type of person that gets money in exchange for lending out money. Simplest way I could say it. In practice, if… You buy a loan from an institution.

You could actually buy loans from banks or buy interest notes, they call it. So you buy these loans and then you resell them back to the market at a higher interest rate where it’s more in demand. One thing you can do, you can buy a loan. That’s really hard to get from an institution by raising equity to purchase that loan.

And then you can sell it to people who need it in markets that are very. In high, there are really in high demand for these types of loans. A lot of people do it when it comes to selling loans to hard money. So it’s a big people that want to fix and flip buildings. They want to build apartments and they want to do some value add.

They want to flip houses around. So those people, especially in certain markets, especially at certain amounts that are usually really small, a lot of them, they want. To get more money. They want to charge people for hard money loans. And sometimes, what happens is, especially if they want to get smaller amounts, the amount of options they have available are less.

How to Make More Money When Banks Charge A Lot – Capital Raising

So what they can do is find markets, local markets, that are willing to pay a high interest rate for capital so that they can use to fix their flip houses. So that’s one way of doing it. The second way of doing it is raising more money so that you can offer debts to investors directly. There are some investors that actually just are looking for a consistent cash flow.

These investors would also benefit when you benefit. Instead of trying to find something that is like an early stage startup or, venture capital, find something that requires consistent output of capital, consistently, and, structure that as debts, and offer that to people who want to be first time loan officers.

And first time lenders and so people who want to be first time lenders can use your service and you offer interest to them and in exchange for The interesting and money that they give you get a portion of the profits And so these debt funds usually work out really well for things like that And then the final thing is if you’re in the business of buying and selling Loans usually go down in value when interest rates go up because the value of a loan or a bond is inversely proportional to the value of the, or the amount of the interest.

So the higher the interest, the cheaper the bonds. So if you’re in the business of trading bonds or trading loans or trading notes, that could be really valuable. So do these three things and then you’ll be able to take advantage of a higher interest rate market.

How to Make More Money When Banks Charge A Lot – Capital Raising

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