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How to raise capital for your first acquisition as a nobody? Make sure you stick around until the end, because I’m going to cover four key principles that people often forget, and some people aren’t even aware of. These principles could save you years of chasing your own tail while working on raising money to acquire a business.




So, if you want to raise money to acquire a business, understand that you never have to use your own money. You can always leverage the funds of other investors or the capital of the company you’re looking to buy. How can you achieve this? There are two approaches. First, there’s something referred to as seller carry or vendor take-back. Essentially, you can use the existing profits of a company to cover part of the acquisition cost. How is this possible?

When you acquire a company, you’re buying its entire value. Even if you secure a loan to purchase the company, it often doesn’t cover the complete purchase price, and you’re also responsible for the interest on the loan. To bridge this gap, some buyers use a portion of the company’s profits to repay the loan and cover the necessary down payments for the acquisition.

Imagine you secure a loan that covers 75% of the business’s value, leaving 25% and additional interest payments to account for. If the business is highly profitable, the owner can allocate some of the profits to pay off the remaining portion and the interest on the loan. This is a straightforward way to address this gap and forms the first principle.

Secondly, you should target businesses with substantial assets, ideally real estate. Real estate is a valuable asset that can attract a wide range of lenders. If the business comes with real estate attached or is itself a real estate asset, it becomes easier to secure loans for either the real estate or the business associated with it.

While equipment is acceptable, having real estate assets significantly improves your loan options. Conversely, focusing on businesses that generate substantial cash flow might not offer as many lending opportunities. Even if you do find lenders, they might not cover a significant portion of the business’s value. This principle underscores the importance of businesses with tangible assets, particularly real estate.

Thirdly, if you require additional funds, seeking investors is essential. Partnering with investors to fund down payments is advisable, as you don’t want to drain the company’s resources entirely for this purpose. Relying solely on seller carry or similar methods might jeopardize the business’s profitability, especially if you’re a new owner trying to grow the business.

How to raise money for your first acquisition as a nobody – Raising Capital

Equity investors can provide the necessary funds for down payments. However, it’s crucial to have the trust of these investors. As a newcomer in the industry, building trust is paramount. This forms the third principle – collaborating with investors who believe in your vision and can support your financial needs.

Lastly, for those starting as a ‘nobody,’ credibility is key. Building trust can be achieved by involving respected individuals in your company. Consider inviting non-executive directors to join your advisory board. This demonstrates your commitment to learning and growing, while also giving them a stake in the success of the acquisition. By showcasing your collaboration with knowledgeable individuals, you strengthen your credibility and reassure potential investors and sellers.

How to raise money for your first acquisition as a nobody – Raising Capital

Additionally, you can work with companies like to obtain proof of funds. This reassures sellers that you have the financial backing you claim to have, even if you’re initially perceived as inexperienced or unestablished. Ultimately, the goal is to foster trust among sellers and investors.

In conclusion, these strategies form a comprehensive approach to raising capital for your first acquisition as someone new to the field. By leveraging the company’s profits, targeting asset-rich businesses, collaborating with investors, and establishing credibility through trusted advisors or proof of funds, you can navigate the process successfully. If you’re eager to learn more, explore further on Raises. com


How to raise money for your first acquisition as a nobody – Raising Capital


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