The Great Debt Crisis | 3 Major Events Happening NOW – Capital Raises – Investment Banking

Established banks Completely going out of business in a matter of hours with billions of dollars disappearing people selling their bank stocks like crazy what does this mean as somebody who wants to get into real estate or business investing and Even somebody who wants to make money online Does this mean that you have to completely throw away everything you’ve been working for all your life?

So you may want to make sure you watch this video and you stick to the end because we’re going to walk through How you can take advantage of bank runs and debt? Crises so that you don’t stay stuck with the bank stocks that are going down the toilet So what really is this and what really is going on with repeatable banks like Silicon Valley Bank going on business and all this so essentially The long story, the long of it is, without going into unnecessary detail, people taking more debt than they need to take.

So… Eventually, when the cost of money goes up, in other words, the interest rate goes up, it’s supposed to slow down economic movements. So because interest rates, sometimes they go from like almost 0 percent up to 7 percent and beyond, sometimes people need to pull back. And what can happen is People need to make sure that they reduce as much debt as possible.

And so sometimes along the way, what can happen is people can de leverage. And when people de leverage, they just lower the amount of debt that they have. What happens is people borrow more than they actually have available. And if they get in a chaotic situation, if they get in a risky situation, where their liabilities far exceed their assets, then there is a negative balance sheet.

And It spirals out of control when people start panicking, making it an endless hole to fill of money that is lost. So when it comes to people who want to raise money online or they want to buy businesses or grow their real estate investments, how can you benefit from this? So you just have to understand when it comes to debts, there are three parties and there are three ways to win.

Number one, there’s the interest and how much interest there is because the more, Central banks raise interest rates, more interest rates, basically the cost of borrowing money. The more the people who are lending them money out, make money. But if you’re the one borrowing the money, you lose more money. So there’s the interest rates.

Next is the price of the loan. So sometimes loans can actually be purchased and sold, and not many people talk about this. So if the interest rate goes up on a loan, you actually have to pay. Less money to buy that loan because the value of a loan is inversely proportional to the amount of interest you take on it.

A loan that has high interest, it makes it really easy to buy and sell. Sometimes when interest rates are high, you can just focus on buying loans and selling the loans and making some money by flipping. That’s pretty much it. If interest rates are high, make sure you’re lending money or you’re buying loans.

If interest rates are low, make sure you’re either borrowing money. or you’re selling loans. And if you just follow this formula, you’ll win, but if you can’t wait for the market to go up and down, then what you want to make sure you do is you want to just trade like crazy and it takes a lot of work to do that so it’s best just to make sure that you buy cheap loans.

And the only way to buy loans is usually through buying distressed loans. People who can’t afford to pay their mortgages because people who thought that they had more money End up not being able to pay back their loans. Because in times when people lose their jobs, what you can do is to take advantage of that by helping them out, by giving them better deals than their banks can get.

This works mostly throughout the United States where you can actually offer people. better than they can get themselves from the banks. So all you have to do, you just have to become a hard money lender and learn about that or learn how to be a lender and being a lender. It takes a lot of work for the newbies who are just starting out.

It’s best just to learn and work with a lender to see like, how exactly are they doing it? Are they buying loans from other people and selling those loans back to people? Or are they the ones who are, or are they the ones who are making money by lending money? Or are they making money by borrowing money?

Either a combination of those three. Number one, you can actually make money from buying loans. And the price of the loan gets more expensive when the interest rate goes down. When the interest rate goes up, the price of the loan gets cheaper. And number two, if your interest rates go down, make sure that you’re the one borrowing the money and preparing for the time for when the interest rates go back up.

And so if you follow these principles, and you follow the trends, then you’ll be able to capitalize in any market. And so now that interest rates have gone up and then people have been going on bank runs and bank stocks have been going down because people are scared of what’s happening with the banks.

And you just want to make sure that you buy distressed loans because even the bank, if the bank is not able to pay off their loans, then why should an average Joe off the streets in a time when the interest rates have shifted? So this is the time. In times when banks go in banks to learn how to work with lenders who can take advantage of the opportunity to lend to distressed people and to make sure that you buy loans, fix them up and then get your interest rates paid to you.

So with this, if this is something that stokes your interest, feel free to just continue watching some of the videos. They may be somewhere in this channel. Or if you want to get raises. com team to help you out in your deal, make sure you head to raises. com to learn more. And so with this, we’ll see you in the next one.

The Great Debt Crisis | 3 Major Events Happening NOW – Capital Raises – Investment Banking

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