Before Vas was experienced in getting the initial information together, and circling decent amounts of capital, but for him to hit larger transaction sizes, he needed an even better approach.

“Quite a few meetings Wednesdays on Mondays and Wednesdays, because I was I was putting some stuff on the contract, so, you know, to raise capital, you need a good deal. Typically, unless you’re doing a blind fund or something. And so and actually, I end up meeting with. Abdiel was in Orlando and we were able to meet up, and he has a lot of interest in interest in programs, especially on the debt for real estate side. And I actually met his partner too, who a few weeks before Abdel was in Orlando, and I was able to meet with them both. So that’s pretty cool. I think should should through the platform and yourself I was able to make two good connections that I think will translate. I actually introduced. Abdiel to my partner that has about close to a thousand units of apartment projects here in Orlando, so. So maybe he he may also benefit. So just just wanted to mention this, you know, that stuff. So you know, it’s about probably in total we really are about, you know, all these projects come by and they’re probably close to $100 million. So real good work Natu. So anyway, yeah, there you go.”
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