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Problem — Low to mid-market investment banking and capital raising is complex, inefficient, low-tech, non-intuitive and expensive.

Mission To democratize mid-market investment banking services and remove global barriers to entry.

We use the following core tenets to accomplish our mission.

  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Simplicity
  • Systems and Nature
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Augmentation

The Detailed Methodology of Raises.com: 

Business Vision

Problem Statement

Capital raising is complex, inefficient, low-tech, non-intuitive, expensive, and is done best solely by executives in large corporations. We believe that the organization and execution of knowledge is power, and the only gap between the successful founders that raise capital and the unsuccessful ones is the access to the right information and the mental paradigm to perceive it. A proper system of products and services that help in the capital raise process should be available to all founders that render fantastic service to their customers. Further, private capital market agents are not making sufficient progress in leveraging the principles of the information age to render superior services to companies seeking to raise capital. These principles include more transparency in the capital raise process, the digitization of services, and the improved allocation of resources in the context of a data-driven world. This lack of progress prevents suitable investors from discovering best-in-class founders who will develop projects and services for the betterment of humankind.

Vision Statement

To establish widely adopted standards of how to facilitate capital raises with protocols that yield superior efficiency and qualities of service and delivery in the context of a technology-driven world.

To maintain and keep exemplary compliance procedures at the core of all our business functions.

To become a leader in financing projects, capital market consulting and technology consulting.

To help other exempt market dealers improve their operations through best-in-class consulting work, thus improving the capital market landscape. 

To develop world-class and efficient due-diligence operations. 

To provide consulting services helping a wide range of companies intelligently strategize and self-navigate capital markets

To greatly enhance the lives of company founders by establishing a comprehensive, compliant and problem-solving company community.

To empower founders raising capital to continue to build products and services that:

  1. Turn their company’s visions and plans into reality
  2. Enhance the human condition
  3. Create employment opportunities globally
  4. Generate and preserve wealth for suitable investors
  5. Offer suitable investment opportunities to the investment community.

Business Principles

Raises.com understands principles as the fundamental beliefs and values that represent what is desirable and positive for Raises.com business and the people associated with it. Together, the principles together form its philosophy and methodology. Our goal is to become the first choice exempt market dealer in our area, and a respected consulting company globally – as measured by our customers. Our principles are critical to our success as they are the strong foundation of Raises.com, define who we are, and set us apart in the market. They underlie our vision of the future. These include:

Raises.com focuses on offering high value and results. 

The Solving of Problems

The priority is solving problems. Over everything, true value cannot be created if problems are not solved or service isn’t delivered.

The Focus of Energy

  1. a) Focus all energy on the most vital problems, ideas, opportunities, moments, tasks and goals.
  2. b) Allocate repetitive, non-trivial short-term decisions with strategic term decisions.
  3. c) Many massive improvements can be made with simple behavioral or mental adjustments.
  4. d) Constraints breed resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and invention. We aim to accomplish more with less.

The Clarity of Action

  1. a) In collecting feedback from customers, have heightened sensitivity to the details to collect the richest feedback possible.
  2. b) Everything related to service delivery and revenue generation must be understood and measured in great detail.
  3. c) Primary market feedback is the most important type of feedback, but it can be highly leveraged by secondary market feedback.
  4. d) We serve the market, not ourselves. Customer feedback drives our direction. We do what is best for our customers, because that is what’s best for us.
  5. e) Reverse-engineer every roadmap goal to its definitive and calculable steps.
  6. f) We reason from first principles like a scientist or engineer. Use data, test and iterate everything.
  7. g) On a team, be bold in the pursuit of truth.
  8. h) We ask amazing questions. Asking better questions is often more important  than getting solutions to poor questions. Asking better questions can lead to more clarity and a clear definition of problems to be solved.

    The Examining of Systems and Nature

  1. a) We view everything as a system, including our business.
  2. b) The market’s overall desires and beliefs, always take precedence over the desires of a sole participant in the marketplace.
  3. c) The most powerful ways to influence or understand any system are to understand its paradigms, goals, self-organization patterns, rules and feedback loops.
  4. d) Feedback loops a straight-forward way to control a system. We want to build feedback loops that are constructive rather than ones that self-destruct.
  5. e) Garbage in, garbage out. The inputs of a system contribute significantly to its outputs. We feed our business and associates with the best inputs because the inputs of a system will contribute significantly to its outputs. We treat our customers properly because what we think affects how we do what we do. What we do affects how we feel and how we feel affects what we think.
  6. f) Everything has a constant pull towards entropy and chaos. We raise the bar exponentially to avoid mediocrity with our high standards. We believe that great isn’t good enough. We set excruciatingly high standards, then demand and expect them from our associates. This is exemplified in our KYC/AML procedures, and from our service delivery systems.
  7. g) The initial conditions for a company, a team, or any other system will dictate the life of our system because of the tendency of self-replication. We will start strong to replicate the best behaviour.
  8. h) Simplicity proceeds complexity; we believe complex systems emerge from simple ones. We intend to explain and understand complex processes at fundamental levels.
  9. i) Understand the incentives all parties play. Strike fair balances in all negotiations where the right people are incentivized to perform compliant and favorable activities. 
  10. j) In private capital markets, we believe the most powerful force is compliance. Therefore, Raises.com will build a foundation of sound and exemplary foundation in all business affairs. Our compliance is at our foundation. It is both our differentiator and our largest focus. Items that will be monitored to uphold compliance include:
  • Complete compliance to our regulators. 
  • Monitoring conflicts of interest, including transactions and agreements in respect of which a director or executive officer has a material interest protection and proper use of corporate assets and opportunities.
  • Confidentiality of corporate information.
  • Fair dealing with the company’s shareholders, customers, suppliers, competitors and employees.
  • Compliance with laws, rules and regulations reporting of any illegal or unethical behaviour.


The Use of Creativity and Innovation

  1. a) The moment a paradigm gets codified and rules get strict for something that is working, consider inviting new ideas in and look for improvements based on a situation to further innovate.
  2. b) One can achieve something by reverse-engineering its opposite. For example, rather than looking for an “idea,” look for the inverse of an idea which is a “problem” because people are more aware of them. Solving the problem is an “idea.”
  3. c) Choosing a “side” and ignoring the other by using dichotomies is usually a limiting paradigm. For example, the following states of being are both useful to be deployed in harmony in business:
  4. Divergent and Convergent Thinking
  5. Introversion and Extroversion

iii. Open-minded and Stubbornness

  1. Specialization and Generalization
  2. Working Smart and Working Hard
  3. Words and Actions

vii. Software and Finance

The Augmentation of Decision Making

  1. a) Cognitive biases may get in the way of effective decision making. Use technology, proper tracking and delegation to augment weaknesses and inefficiencies to make better decisions.
  2. b) Where possible, sacrifice the short-term for the long-term, despite our natural bias to favor faster gratification. Build solutions that work over the long term.




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