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Why We Exist

Problem — Low to mid-market investment banking and capital raising is complex, inefficient, low-tech, non-intuitive, and expensive.

Mission To democratize mid-market investment banking and remove global barriers to entry for everyone.

Vision Revolutionize global investment banking by setting global standards for efficient, technology-driven processes that prioritize superior service and compliance. Empower founders to turn their visions into reality, improving safety and profits for investors, brokers, and employees.

Values to accomplish our mission:

  • Simplicity
  • Science
  • Focus


  • Remove friction, effort, and time
  • Simplicity reveals truth
  • Eat the complexity of customers.
  • Simple changes can make massive improvements
  • Less is usually more.
  • Constraints breed resourcefulness.


  • In collecting feedback, have high sensitivity to details
  • Measure what matters and measure often
  • Primary market feedback is the most important type of feedback, but it can be highly leveraged by secondary market feedback.
  • We serve the market, not ourselves. Customer feedback drives our direction. We do what is best for our customers because that is what’s best for us.
  • Reverse-engineer every roadmap goal to its definitive and calculable steps
  • On a team, be bold in the pursuit of truth.
  • Think in probabilities
  • Asking amazing questions is often more important than getting solutions to poor questions
  • Delegate and automate to remove cognitive biases


  • When in doubt or confused, focus on solving people’s problems
  • Focus most of your energy, most of the time, on your bottleneck to progress
  • Most energy is wasted; focus on high-leverage tasks
  • Focus on what you keep, not what you make
  • The deal is not done until it is done
  • Many massive improvements can be made with simple behavioral or mental adjustments.
  • Where possible, sacrifice the short-term for the long-term, despite our natural bias to favor faster gratification. Build solutions that work over the long term.
  • Focus on protecting the downside by being compliant